The mini-square box and contents are similar to that of Monopoly sets produced by GlobeTrade. This Monopoly has four coloured pawns instead of traditional tokens and only 20 Houses and 10 Hotels (a reduction of 12 and 2, respectively) – otherwise it is a complete, albeit smaller, Monopoly. The product itself is almost identical to the promotional Monopoly GlobeTrade produced for News Corp Australia – just six months prior.

The box lid itself has a number of errors. Firstly, instead of Mayfair and Park Lane – the cover shows the Dark Blue properties as ‘DARK BLUE SPACE #2’ and ‘DARK BLUE SPACE #1’ and Liverpool Street Station as ‘TRANSPORT SPACE #4’. Moreover, the Chance, Station and Community Chest symbols have been randomly printed on the lid in the background.

History – TCC Global and Retail Week Live 2017

TCC Global is a retail marketing company with its central Headquarters based in The Netherlands.

Helping retailers worldwide to build customer loyalty, drive revenues and have a lasting impact on local communities.

TCC Global

This Monopoly appears to have been distributed as a Promotional Item at Retail Week Live 2017 at TCC Global’s stand (#12). They had a Monopoly based game where players could win prizes by landing on the corresponding square on the Monopoly board.

As shown by the Tweet below – a Monopoly board game appears to have been one of the prizes on offer.

Other prizes on the game board were Angry Bird and Cars plushies.