After the initial launch in 1936, Monopoly would remain very similar with regards to the contents until World War II broke out in 1939 and affected the production of many materials required for the original Monopoly set. However, during this small period of Monopoly history – patent applied for was dropped from the box.


The box remains 33mm deep, however it now has Patent No 453689 instead of Patent Applied For No 3796/36. Due to an excess production of Monopoly money, the bank notes continued with Pat App instead of the new number. The metal tokens continue. Two sets of instructions have been photographed – both marked 1 1/2 d – there is a minor difference to the design.

1937/38/39 – Info Unknown

Currently information is incomplete about this edition. It appears to be from 1937/38. However, there are many differences between this edition and the standard 1936 editions.

  • The box is green – but still has MONOPOLY printed on
  • The title deeds have been printed black and white (and the top highlighted – with the exception of pink) – The Mortgage side is also black as opposed to red
  • The Chance/Community Chest cards are glossy on the text side and matte on the reverse

Otherwise, the rules are standard 1930s rules. The money is also Pat Pending. The orange slip about other editions for sale is included. Therefore, this all appears to suggest it is from late 1930s.

It is lacking tokens and a board. A card with rent prices is also included – although this may have been added later. Moreover, there is an excess of houses and hotels.

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Complete set of Title Deeds
Chance and Community Chest Cards
black and white Mortgaged side