Monopoly Tokens Timeline History
UK Graphical History


Original Cast of:

Thimble, Hat, Iron, Car, Boot and Battleship

Tokens represented house life, with the Battleship being used as they were mass produced for Parker Brother’s failed game – Conflict


Due to the outbreak of World War II, tokens were made out of wood bases and cardboard.

Rocking horse temporarily replaces the Thimble


Tokens taken from Waddington’s ’64 Milestones’. Different coloured ‘thin’ and ‘broad’ pawns used. c1942 Wooden tokens were also used during this period, and would return the year after


Wooden tokens returned with coloured bases


Tank, Tractor, Train, Car, Motorcycle and Ship

Tokens made from coloured metal – transport theme

1960s – 1990s:

Dog introduced to the line-up.

Tokens were initially made from lead and tin, before pewter was used instead


Thimble returns with wheelbarrow, cannon and Horse & Rider debuting.


Cannon + Horse & Rider dropped


The Iron was retired in favour of the Cat.

See the 2013 ‘Save Your Token’ Event


Thimble, Boot and Wheelbarrow all retired after a public vote. T-Rex, Penguin and Rubber Duck the new replacements.

See the 2017 ‘Token Madness’ Event


1935 – 1950s:

USA Editions often included the Lantern, Purse and Rocking Horse.

The Lantern and Rocking Horse were retired in favour of the Dog and Horse + Rider.

Purse was a rarer token and did not appear in all editions during this time.

The Cannon was also a token in the original line-up, also taken from Conflict. UK sets later gained this token in the 1950s.

1997 – 2007:

The Money Bag was temporarily included in USA editions (retired in 2007)

It won a public vote against a Piggy Bank and Plane