The results of the 2022 Throwback Token Vote have been announced today (31st May) by Hasbro.

The Thimble will be returning to the Monopoly token line-up from Autumn 2022 (2023 in most international markets). The Thimble was one of the six original tokens from the 1936 UK debut of Monopoly, and was removed during the 2017 Token Madness vote – along with the Wheelbarrow and Boot.

However, this news has come at the expense of the T-Rex token, which has been officially retired. The T-Rex was one of three new tokens introduced in 2017, which also welcomed the Penguin and Rubber Duck. Spending just five years in classic Monopoly sets, it now has the shortest appearance of all the standard tokens.

The 2022 Throwback Token Vote ran for almost a month, and gave Monopoly fans the chance to bring back one previously retired token in the place of a token in the current line-up. The Thimble, Wheelbarrow, Iron, Horse & Rider, Boot or the USA exclusive Money Bag were the candidates for return. This is the third global vote – after the 2013 and 2017 events.

The official Monopoly Instagram account appeared to reveal this would become an annual event – “It’s our annual Token Vote”, however the post has since been edited to remove all mentions of ‘annual’, although one reply remains indicating that another token vote could be returning next year.

Instagram post referring to an ‘annual Token Vote’
The post has since been edited to remove ‘annual’ – although the comment remains