Four Monopoly Deluxe editions have been produced for the UK audience since 1972. A long-box in 1972, a smaller edition in 1986 and 1998 and a final edition in 2003. This collection features all four of these editions plus a special adaptation of the 1972 edition created for the British Monopoly Championship.

The upgrades usually consist of gold tokens, a title deed carrousel, premium banking tray and wooden houses & hotels.

EditionTokensTitle DeedHouses & Hotels
19726 GoldCarrouselPlastic
19866 GoldCarrouselWood
199810 GoldStandWood
200310 GoldStandWood
(wood colour

Monopoly Deluxe (1972)

1975 – Presented for the British Monopoly Championship

Read more about it here: 1975 Deluxe

Monopoly Deluxe (1986)

Monopoly Deluxe (1998)

Monopoly Deluxe (2003)

This is the latest ‘Monopoly Deluxe’. Although other ‘Deluxe’-style games have been produced since – such as the Anniversary editions.