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Monopoly Surprise – Series 1 & Community Chest (S2) – Guide

Monopoly Surprise was first sold in 2020. A second series of mystery boxes was released in 2021 – advertised as ‘Community Chest’, named after the famous square on the Monopoly board.

Each Monopoly Surprise contains exclusive tokens (to be used with any Monopoly board game) and other collectable bonuses such as metal coins and metal houses.

However, the distribution of tokens is not random! Despite Hasbro assigning labels of ‘Common’, ‘Rare’ and ‘Ultra Rare’ – the box can be identified by its production code. Therefore, by consulting this guide you can ensure you receive every token and collectable without wasting money on duplicates.

Monopoly Surprise – Series 1 is currently £3 at ARGOS

Monopoly Surprise – Community Chest is currently £8 at ARGOS

By using the following guide to avoid duplicates – a full set of both series would currently cost £42. It appears there is no plan for another series.

Series 1

On the underside of the box, a code is printed above the barcode – ending with TT. The number before the TT indicates the contents (the number ranges from 1 to 6).

Contents – Source: eBay castorncage
Go Square
Mr Monopoly holding two children

1 Coin

2x Green Metal Houses
Beauty Contest Trophy
Mr Monopoly with bouquet

5 coin

2x Green Metal Houses
Just Visiting/Jail Square
Mr Monopoly with a cane

10 Coin

2x Green Metal Houses
Man behind bars
Mr Monopoly holding Cash

20 Coin

2x Green Metal Houses
Tap (Water Works)
Mr Monopoly with Bag of Cash

50 Coin
Gold Credit Card

1x Green Metal House
6341206TTUltra RareTokens:
Mr Monopoly holding a gift

100 Coin
Gold bar

1x Green Metal House

Series 2 – Community Chest

One year later, Series 2 was released. The boxes were more expensive but contained more tokens and collectables. There are three variants of boxes instead of six.

The method of checking the Production Code continues to identify the contents.

Free Parking Square
Auction Gavel
Baby in Pram
Mr Monopoly with Purse
Mr Monopoly ‘listening’

10,000 Coin
100,000 Card

2x Red Metal Hotels
Beauty Contest Trophy
For Sale Sign
Policeman blowing whistle
Mr Monopoly shrugging
Mr Monopoly with Cane

25,000 coin
5000,000 Card

1x Red Metal Hotel

1x Gold Die
3091213TTUltra RareTokens:
Mr Monopoly with Cash
Mr Monopoly with Hat
Go to Jail Sign
Bundle of Cash

50,000 Coin
1,000,000 Card

1x Red Metal Hotel


Contents – Source: Reddit: u/Frosty_Gamer_

Monopoly Mad Libs (2021)

Released: 2021 [USA]

Players suggest words that follow a specific criteria (exclamation, verb, adjective etc). These words are then inserted into a Monopoly themed short story which is then read aloud. Example shown below. This book is in the Mad Libs series.

Monopoly Jigsaw / Puzzle

  • Puzz 3D (1998) [USA]

The puzzle consists of over 750 foam pieces which come together to form a board and other accessories such as a banker’s tray and jail cell. Also included is a complete set of Monopoly pieces. Once constructed, a fully working USA Monopoly set is formed.

  • London (2020)

1000 pieces; 530 x 530 mm

  • Edinburgh (2020)

1000 pieces; 530 x 530 mm

  • Harrogate (2020)

1000 pieces; 530 x 530 mm

  • The Lakes (2020)

1000 pieces; 530 x 530 mm

  • Puzzle (2021)

50 pieces; 150 x 210 mm

2021 – 300 Piece Puzzle

360 x 490 mm

2022 – Spinmaster 1000 Pieces

Monopoly Jenga (2019)

The winner of Monopoly Jenga is the player with the most points when the tower falls over.

Every round, the current player attempts to remove one of the blocks. Each type of block has a different value.

Property colour blocks award a point each. A set is worth 4 points.

Railway blocks allocate points based on the number owned.

Steal blocks allow a player to take a property block from an opponent.

Chance blocks mean you have to return one of your blocks to the tower.

Jail blocks skip your turn.

Monopoly Cash Grab (2017)

Monopoly Cash Grab consists of a ‘gun’ filled with M100 notes and 25 chance cards.

The spinner indicates which player will blast money first. That person activates the trigger, and everyone else must attempt to grab as much money and/or chance cards.

Play rotates to the right until the gun is empty. The player at the end of the game with the most money is the winner.

The notes and Chance cards were created specifically for Cash Grab.

My Monopoly (2014)

Released: 2014

My Monopoly is the first (and so far, only) official customisable Monopoly set.

Without customisation, the gameboard looks like a standard London edition. However, titles can be printed on and slid into the board to create a new Monopoly set.

The four tokens are also customisable. Photos can be printed onto the tiles and slid into the tokens.

The game was customisable by using the MyMonopoly website or app. However, both of these have been discontinued, making creating a My Monopoly set more difficult.


  • Free Parking (2009)

Free Parking is designed as either a standalone game or as an add-on to a traditional game of Monopoly.

The aim is to balance all 20 green cars on the wobbly board. Before each car is placed, the player rolls the die and places their car on the coloured segment that is rolled.

To bring the game into a game of regular Monopoly, it is placed near the Free Parking square. Then, whenever anyone lands there they must attempt to complete the mini-game. If they succeed, they may move to any square on the board. Otherwise, they do nothing.

  • Get Out of Jail Free (2009)

Get Out of Jail Free is designed as either a standalone game or as an add-on to a traditional game of Monopoly.

The aim is to earn the most points by freeing ‘prisoners’ from the jail, without getting the prison guards. The player with the most points wins. To bring the game into a game of regular Monopoly, it is placed near the Jail square. Then, instead of rolling a double to get out of jail free, you must free one prisoner. If successful, you are out and continue your turn. Else, the turn is over. Alternatively, you can use the set to make a 3D jail for your board.

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