Monopoly arrived in the UK in 1936 – produced by Waddington’s. Four editions were manufactured and sold. However, all of these had some similarities. Compared to later releases, all feature the words ‘Patent Applied For No 3796/36’ – which was applied for on 7th February 1936 by Parker Brothers (USA). The patent was not granted until 16th September 1936, although Patent 453689 was not branded on boxes until c1939.

Box & Board (7’6)

The mini box & board edition was one of two standard editions released in 1936. It originally costed 7’6. The small box with a separate board became the default option until the 1950s when the long box took over. The tokens were a thimble, hat, iron, car, boot and battleship. The six tokens represented household life – with the battleship being included as they were mass produced for Parker Brother’s failed game Conflict. Houses and Hotels are made by wood.

Long Box (10’6)

This long box standard edition originally cost 10’6. It contains exactly the same content as the box & board edition. However, this version has a long box which holds the contents as well as the board.

Super Gold Set (21′-)

The Super Gold Set originally cost 21′ – twice the price of a standard long box. The box is gold coloured and has a better tray within the box for using as the bank. The tokens include a better design of the car, a tram, bathtub, lamppost and lantern, as well as the classic battleship, thimble and boot. This edition now sells online for £60 to £100 depending on condition

Pictured below: Houses and Hotels made from Bakelite. The Hotels are ‘GRAND HOTELS’. These Houses and Hotels featured in both the Super Gold and the Deluxe Presentation Sets.

Deluxe Presentation Set (42′-)

This luxury edition originally cost 42′ – twice the price of the Super Gold Set and four times the price of the best Standard Set. It has a deluxe presentation box – which is faux snakeskin, this was very popular for deluxe board games of this era. The hotels are branded as ‘Grand Hotels’, identical to the hotels seen with the USA’s Popular Edition, also of 1936. The tokens are the same as the Super Gold Set, with the addition of the elephant – another feature taken from deluxe USA editions. The edition photographed is currently available for purchase for £1,995!

Slip included within 1936 Monopoly sets – advertising all four options

Note Holders (2’6)