Reference Code: 14160415. UK Board. Produced in Belgium by GlobeTrade


Gameboard, 4 pawns, 28 Title Deeds, 16 Chance Cards, 16 Community Chest Cards, 20 Houses, 10 Hotels, 2 Dice, Money Pack & Game Guide

Unusually, the game has a traditional UK London board despite being exclusive to Australia.


This Monopoly was released by News Corp Australia as part of Hasbro Family Favourites Mini Board Game Collection – a 14 part mini board game collection which was distributed daily by News Corp newspapers. To purchase this Monopoly, the customer must exchange the token included in the newspaper with an addition $3.50 (making the overall total $6.50 in the case of the Daily Telegraph). Monopoly was the first game to be released in the series (16th October 2016). Example Newspaper covers below.

The other thirteen Hasbro games in the collection were: Battleship, Guess Who?, The Game of Life, Boggle, Twister, Cluedo, Connect 4, Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition, Mastermind, Operation, Yahtzee Classic, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Chutes & Ladders. The purchase of Monopoly included a free holder.

The website has since been taken down: Archived Link. It appears that there was a mechanism to purchase the games from a previous day.

This series was manufactured by GlobeTrade with management by TCP – The Communications Practice – TCP was responsible for the content licencing, IP approval and managing the production of 3.5 million board games in this retail marketing loyalty program it created and implemented on behalf of News Corp Australia.