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Hasbro and Panini Collaborate to Create MONOPOLY Prizm – Monopoly & Trading Card Crossover

Hasbro and Panini have revealed MONOPOLY PRIZM – a board game & trading card crossover due for launch 16 April 2023, initially time-exclusive to Target, with a full release on 1 August 2023. The game is expected to be a North American exclusive.

MONOPOLY Prizm makes use of Panini’s license to make Trading Cards for the NBA. The board game itself includes a Starter Pack and 2 ‘Prizm’ Packs. Individual MONOPOLY Prizm packs will be sold separately. It has been stated that this venture comes after two years of design and planning.


Players act as their favourite NBA basketball coach as they seek to recruit players to take control of NBA games and collect points. The base set is comprised of 90 cards of some of NBA’s Star Players and Top Rookies. Special and Rare MONOPOLY Prizm inserts and Monopoly Boardwalk parallels can be found in Monopoly Prizm: NBA Booster Boxes – specifically designed to enhance gameplay.

The three main mechanics of the board game itself are Drafting, Trading and Competing.

Players Draft their squad of NBA player Prizm cards. Players then Trade cards to build and improve their squad. Finally, players Compete in 1:1 matches to win All-Star Cards (which occurs as the player passes GO). Instead of buying properties, players try to control NBA games and collect ‘rent’ of bonus points when opposition players lands on them. To earn further points, players compare the states of their Prizm cards when competing in ‘Playmaker Challenges’ and ‘All-Star Contests’. The winner is the coach with the most points.

Hasbro Statement

“Based on fan insights, we noticed a unique crossover opportunity between individuals who love classic gameplay and card collecting, which ultimately lit the spark to create and bring this innovative trading card element to Monopoly, We’re ecstatic to have partnered with Panini, one of the top sports card companies, to power this new Monopoly edition through the utilization of authentic trading cards, real player statistics, and collectible card packs to expand the game.” – Adam Biehl, SVP & General Manager, Hasbro Gaming

This would also be MONOPOLY’s first Crossover game since the 2019 MONOPOLY JENGA game

MONOPOLY Prizm Trading Cards

Link to Official Panini Press Release:

McDonald’s Monopoly Promotion 2022 – Double Peel

The 2022 edition of the annual UK McDonald’s Monopoly Promotion launched on Wednesday 7th September and ended on Tuesday 18th October 2022.

The majority of food and drink items purchased during this period earned the customer up to three Monopoly stickers – which could be a Property or Instant Win.

All stickers contain a code – properties can be scanned on the MyMcDonald’s App and logged onto a virtual gameboard. Completing a full colour set wins a prize:

Colour SetPrizeQuantityRare
BrownMedium Extra Value Meal?Old Kent Road
L BlueSkullcandy Wireless Earbuds1,650Northumberland Avenue
PinkBuyagift Experience Days2,200Euston Road
OrangeNintendo Switch505Marlborough Street
Red£1,000 Home Entertainment at AO110Strand
YellowTUI 2K Holiday80Coventry Street
GreenMINI Electric Car21Bond Street
D Blue£100k Cash5Mayfair
StationsSee Tickets £250 Voucher510Liverpool Street Station

The rare properties have a limited amount produced (indicated by the Quantity Column).

Instant Win Prizes

The following could be found on a sticker instead of a Property

  • 100 x £1k Cash
  • 1,000 x McDonald’s Gold Card (A Meal Per Week For A Year)
  • 1,000 x £200 For Passing Go
  • 1,000 x McDonald’s Bean Bag
  • 300 x One4all £100 Gift Card
  • 4,000 x Paramount+ Annual Subscription
  • 200 x £80 Go Ape Activity voucher
  • 1,500 x Prezzybox £50 Voucher
  • 9,000 x £30 I Saw It First voucher
  • 800 x GLOSSYBOX Beauty Box
  • 1,200 x Hype Backpack
  • 15,000 x Wrappz™ Personalised Phone Case
  • 10,000 x Choice of Licensed T-Shirt from Zavvi
  • 5,000 x McDonald’s Reusable Water Bottle
  • 15,000 x Pairs of Cinema Tickets
  • over 6.5million Big Mac® or Big Flavour Wraps
  • 9.8million 6 Chicken McNuggets® or Double Cheeseburgers
  • 1.1million free McFlurrys

Digital Peel:

All Properties when logged on the MyMcDonald’s App earned a second ‘Digital Peel’. When opened these can be a ‘digital’ Property sticker, Prize Draw entry or an Instant Win prize.

These Instant Win prizes consisted of:

  • £100k Cash
  • Mini Electric Car
  • £2k Holiday with TUI
  • See Tickets £250 Events Voucher
  • £1,000 spend on Home Entertainment
  • Grind True Wireless Earbuds from Skullcandy
  • Experience Day with Buyagift
  • Nintendo Switch from Zavvi
  • £5 Cash
  • £10 Cash
  • £20 Cash
  • £50 Cash
  • £100 Cash
  • Paramount+ 1-Month Subscription
  • Readly 3-Month Digital Subscription
  • £10 Skullcandy Digital Voucher
  • JD £50 e-Gift Card
  • The Athletic 1-Month Subscription
  • The Athletic 3-Month Subscription
  • £10 CeX Voucher
  • McDonald’s Tote Bag
  • McDonald’s Socks
  • Photobox Personalised Photo Magnets
  • 20% off McDonald’s purchase
  • £5 off £15 spend McDonald’s purchase
  • £1.99 Extra Value Meal
  • Free McFlurry with Extra Value Meal purchase
Double Peel Poster

Graphics from the App

Thimble Returns & T-Rex Extinct: The New Monopoly Token Line Up has been announced!

The results of the 2022 Throwback Token Vote have been announced today (31st May) by Hasbro.

The Thimble will be returning to the Monopoly token line-up from Autumn 2022 (2023 in most international markets). The Thimble was one of the six original tokens from the 1936 UK debut of Monopoly, and was removed during the 2017 Token Madness vote – along with the Wheelbarrow and Boot.

However, this news has come at the expense of the T-Rex token, which has been officially retired. The T-Rex was one of three new tokens introduced in 2017, which also welcomed the Penguin and Rubber Duck. Spending just five years in classic Monopoly sets, it now has the shortest appearance of all the standard tokens.

The 2022 Throwback Token Vote ran for almost a month, and gave Monopoly fans the chance to bring back one previously retired token in the place of a token in the current line-up. The Thimble, Wheelbarrow, Iron, Horse & Rider, Boot or the USA exclusive Money Bag were the candidates for return. This is the third global vote – after the 2013 and 2017 events.

The official Monopoly Instagram account appeared to reveal this would become an annual event – “It’s our annual Token Vote”, however the post has since been edited to remove all mentions of ‘annual’, although one reply remains indicating that another token vote could be returning next year.

Instagram post referring to an ‘annual Token Vote’
The post has since been edited to remove ‘annual’ – although the comment remains

Which Retired Token Will Return To Monopoly? – 2022 Throwback Token Vote

Monopoly has announced that one previously retired token will return to Monopoly sets. A current token would be dropped to make room. The decision is being taken via an online poll –

This is the third time that Hasbro has freshened up the token line-up through an online poll – 2013 and 2017 were the last two events. These ballots saw the Iron, Boot, Thimble and Wheelbarrow replaced by the Cat, Penguin, T-Rex and Rubber Ducky.

Voting will last for three weeks and new editions of Monopoly (with the new token change) are expected to reach store shelves by 2023.

The list of tokens which could return sadly does not include the Cannon (Howitzer) which was dropped in 2008 despite appearing on the first social media teaser. However, the USA exclusive Money Bag (1998 – 2007) is included and could therefore appear in standard Monopoly editions for the first time in the UK and Worldwide market.

The poll was initially teased on 19th March 2022 by Monopoly via Facebook. The post shows silhouettes of retired tokens.

The idea was once again teased on 25th April 2022 by showing the changes made during the 2017 Token Madness poll

The poll was officially launched on 28th April 2022

Six previously retired tokens are candidates for return:

  • Wheelbarrow (retired: 2017)
  • Thimble (retired: 2017)
  • Iron (retired: 2013)
  • Horse & Rider (retired: 2008)
  • Boot (retired: 2017)
  • Money Bag (USA only, retired: 2008)

All current eight tokens are candidates for retirement:

  • Scottie (Dog)
  • Hazel (Cat)
  • Battleship
  • Penguin
  • Rubber Ducky
  • Top Hat
  • T-Rex
  • Race Car

One token must be selected for return, and one token must be selected for removal. It appears that it is not limited to one vote per person, with unlimited votes possible.

History of Monopoly Tokens (USA)