Monopoly Express is a dice game for two to four players.

Players take turns rolling dice. On your turn, remove the house/hotel die and roll the remaining dice. If you roll a Policeman, place the die on the matching square – collecting three policemen immediately ends your turn and scores zero. A Go sign scores an instant £200.

With the remaining dice, you must choose which dice to keep and which to reroll. Every property die has a monetary value depending on the colour set. Colleting a full set earns a large bonus. Chance is used as a wildcard and can be placed anywhere – albeit only one Chance is allowed per colour set.

Completing a colour set unlocks the House/Hotel die. Roll this die to earn houses (or hotel) or to remove a Policeman. Houses score an addition £1,000, Hotels earn £5,000.

Once you have ‘banked’ all the die you wish to keep, you may choose to roll again. This helps you complete your colour sets, however, rolling a third policeman will result in no score (except money earnt from Go). Add up the complete set values of any complete property sets you have collected (and any houses). In addition, you may score for properties on the highest colour incomplete set – you may only score for one incomplete group.

Play rotates until one player has won £15,000 – although this target may be changed to suit a shorter or longer game.

  • Dice Game (1993)

Initially released by Waddingtons in 1993, Monopoly Dice Game is the earliest form of the dice game. This edition does not include the house die and therefore that rule is not included.

  • Express (2005)
  • Express Casino (2005)

This upgraded release adds a mat, for holding saved dice, in the shape of a board. Also, instead of an included score pad, poker chips keep the score.