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Month: April 2023

Monopoly Animal Crossing – New Horizons (2021)

Product Description:

In this Monopoly board game, players can enjoy island life and immerse themselves in the colourful and creative world of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Instead of buying properties and paying rent, players collect bugs, fish, fossils and fruit. They can also stop at Nook’s Cranny and cash in Bells to buy decorations. Decorations are worth Nook Miles and the player with the most Nook Miles wins the game. Monopoly: Animal Crossing New Horizons board gamemakes a fun indoor activity for children.

Monopoly Game Meets Animal Crossing: This Twist on classic monopoly gameplay features artwork, characters and themes inspired by Nintendo’s animal crossing new horizons.

Fun Game For Children: In this edition of the monopoly game, children visit islands, collect resources such as bugs, fish, fossils and fruit. They then sell island resources for bells, buy decorations and earn nook miles to win.

Monopoly Pieces: Move around the board as one of four animal crossing new horizons inspired pieces. Besides the numbered die, there’s a nook’s cranny die that determines what type of resources can be sold.

Skill Cards: After the first trip around the monopoly gameboard, players can choose a skill card with an ability they can use throughout the rest of the game.

  • Contents: Includes: gameboard, 4 character pieces, 4 Skill cards, 35 Decoration cards, 14 Chance cards, 14 Nook Miles cards, 160 Resource chips, 40 Five-Bell coins, 54 Bell coins, 40 Player markers, 1 numbered die, 1 Nook’s Cranny die, label sheet and game rules.


Monopoly Act For Food – Carrefour Promotion – Acciones Para Comer Mejor Edición Especial

Monopoly Act For Food is a promotional Monopoly distributed by the Spanish supermarket chain Carrefour. It was available within stores from 29 March until 10th May 2022. The board game includes: Board, 6 Tokens, 12 Chance Cards, 12 Community Chest Cards, 18 Houses, 6 Hotels, 2 dice, Monopoly money and instructions.

To complete the game with its 28 Title Deeds, 4 Chance Cards and 4 Community Chest Cards, customers must make purchases within the Carrefour chain. For every €30, customers received a pack with 2 properties and a token. More packs could be earned for every addition €5 spent on qualifying purchases.

According to the leaflet in Catalan below, the board game could be purchased for €5.99 (€8.99 without app). Two packs of cards cost €0.99 (€1.49 without app). Addition tokens could be purchases in packs of two for €1.99 (€2.99 without app) – 3 different token packs available.

This Monopoly was produced by TCC Global – a marketing company.

Additional Purchases

The tokens included in packs could be exchanged with money for other exclusive rewards in the promotion. Monopoly Water bottles, Monopoly T-Shirts and Monopoly Act for Food plushies

Monopoly Act For Food – Contents

The second Brown Property Title Deed has a rare error – the price for rent without houses is double the standard amount (M4 to M8 – M8 to M16 if owned in the full colour set).

My edition is currently missing Title Deed #11 (Orange) – the title deed is currently on its way!

Act For Food

Hasbro’s most universal game has been updated with the image of Carrefour , the values ​​of food transition for all and the Actions to Eat Better program , created to promote healthy lifestyle habits .

The launch of this iconic game combines the company’s objective of promoting fun for the whole family, with the development of actions to eat better . Monopoly Act for Food allows consumers to find out in an entertaining way the objectives that Carrefour has set to lead the food transition for all and encourages, through games, the idea that eating well is a priority .


Full Carrefour Press Release

Additional Images

Images Source: Leaflet & Packs

Promotional Monopoly Editions

Other companies have tried to capitalise on the long success of the classic board game Monopoly with ‘promotional’ versions of Monopoly. Normally, Monopoly editions exist for general sale – whether its a standard Monopoly or even a Retro, City, Football Team, TV and Film themed edition. However, there have been a number of Monopoly games specifically produced to be distributed for free or low cost.

The following images are sliding galleries.

Employee Gifts / Company Exposure

Several company themed Monopoly sets have been produced which were given as gifts to employees or used generally to advertise the company rather than sold for profit.

  • Monopoly Virgin Money

Example: Virgin Money, Thomas Cook, DPD

Loyalty Promotions

Monopoly games have also been produced as ‘rewards for loyalty’. Morrisons produced a number of card games which were collected by spending a certain amount instore. News Corp Australia distributed tokens for travel sized versions of Hasbro Games which allowed the reader to purchase for $3. McDonald’s have frequently used Hasbro games as Happy Meal toys.

  • Monopoly Australia travel
  • Monopoly Germany McDonalds Happy Meal box

Example: Morrisons Promo (Monopoly Deal), News Corp Australia Promo (Monopoly), McDonald’s Happy Meal Promo

Competition / Prizes

Special Monopoly editions have also been produced and distributed as prizes. Ribena produced 10,000 travel Ribena-themed Monopoly sets as prizes for a 2022 competition. TCC Global distributed a TCC branded Monopoly (UK London board) as a prize for their stand at Retail Week Live 2017.

Example: Ribena, Monopoly (TCC Global)


Monopoly has also been created for educational purposes. The main example is The Materials Edition Monopoly which was produced by The University of Sheffield. It includes extra large title deeds which explain the different types of materials as well as what can be produced from them. It can be ordered for £5 direct through the University of Sheffield website, although it can only be bought by educational establishments.

Example: The Materials Edition


In recent years, promotional Monopoly sets are more likely to have been produced by GlobeTrade – a Belgian based marketing company. GlobeTrade has a license to produce Hasbro Games for promotional purchases. These games have been reduced-size travel games which come in a square box. Monopoly Ribena and News Corp Australia promo are examples of GlobeTrade manufactured products.

Globetrade is the specialist for companies wanting to promote their brands better and faster through promotional marketing programs. Globetrade has a unique experience and creative approach in developing and producing tailor-made promotional items.

Through their collaboration and partnership, Globetrade and Hasbro aim to develop a variety of promotional applications of several Hasbro toys and games, thus creating exciting possibilities for companies wanting to promote their brands through the awareness of well-known Hasbro brands.

Globe trade website

Previously, Monopoly editions for corporations were produced by WinningMoves and these were full sized games.

Monopoly – News Corp Australia Promotion Item

Reference Code: 14160415. UK Board. Produced in Belgium by GlobeTrade


Gameboard, 4 pawns, 28 Title Deeds, 16 Chance Cards, 16 Community Chest Cards, 20 Houses, 10 Hotels, 2 Dice, Money Pack & Game Guide

Unusually, the game has a traditional UK London board despite being exclusive to Australia.


This Monopoly was released by News Corp Australia as part of Hasbro Family Favourites Mini Board Game Collection – a 14 part mini board game collection which was distributed daily by News Corp newspapers. To purchase this Monopoly, the customer must exchange the token included in the newspaper with an addition $3.50 (making the overall total $6.50 in the case of the Daily Telegraph). Monopoly was the first game to be released in the series (16th October 2016). Example Newspaper covers below.

The other thirteen Hasbro games in the collection were: Battleship, Guess Who?, The Game of Life, Boggle, Twister, Cluedo, Connect 4, Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition, Mastermind, Operation, Yahtzee Classic, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Chutes & Ladders. The purchase of Monopoly included a free holder.

The website has since been taken down: Archived Link. It appears that there was a mechanism to purchase the games from a previous day.

This series was manufactured by GlobeTrade with management by TCP – The Communications Practice – TCP was responsible for the content licencing, IP approval and managing the production of 3.5 million board games in this retail marketing loyalty program it created and implemented on behalf of News Corp Australia.

Monopoly – TCC Global Promotional Item (Retail Week Live 2017)

The mini-square box and contents are similar to that of Monopoly sets produced by GlobeTrade. This Monopoly has four coloured pawns instead of traditional tokens and only 20 Houses and 10 Hotels (a reduction of 12 and 2, respectively) – otherwise it is a complete, albeit smaller, Monopoly. The product itself is almost identical to the promotional Monopoly GlobeTrade produced for News Corp Australia – just six months prior.

The box lid itself has a number of errors. Firstly, instead of Mayfair and Park Lane – the cover shows the Dark Blue properties as ‘DARK BLUE SPACE #2’ and ‘DARK BLUE SPACE #1’ and Liverpool Street Station as ‘TRANSPORT SPACE #4’. Moreover, the Chance, Station and Community Chest symbols have been randomly printed on the lid in the background.

History – TCC Global and Retail Week Live 2017

TCC Global is a retail marketing company with its central Headquarters based in The Netherlands.

Helping retailers worldwide to build customer loyalty, drive revenues and have a lasting impact on local communities.

TCC Global

This Monopoly appears to have been distributed as a Promotional Item at Retail Week Live 2017 at TCC Global’s stand (#12). They had a Monopoly based game where players could win prizes by landing on the corresponding square on the Monopoly board.

As shown by the Tweet below – a Monopoly board game appears to have been one of the prizes on offer.

Other prizes on the game board were Angry Bird and Cars plushies.