Monopoly Junior (Card Game) was produced by Cartamundi in 2015. It was released in the Shuffle range, and had a companion app which introduced Chance Cards.

Each player takes one of the token cards and places it in front of them. The deck is shuffled and divided into four equal piles.

On your turn, draw a card from any pile. Property cards go in front of you, money goes into your bank. Also, on your turn you may move your token to any of your properties.

If you draw a property colour which another player has their token on, you must pay rent. Change is not given. If multiple players have their token on that colour, you choose which one player to pay.

You may also pay to ‘sneak a peek’ for £1, £2 or £3. The amount paid allows you to look at the top card from 1 to 3 piles. You may then keep one of them cards as your turn, or draw from a pile not yet inspected.

The game ends when a player has three complete property sets (a set only contains two). That player is declared the winner.

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