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2022 – Monopoly Junior Rebrand (Two Levels)

Not to be confused with the 2006 game My First Monopoly (2006)

In 2022 Monopoly Junior changed rules for a second time (the first occurring in 2013). With the 2022 release, Monopoly Junior also rebranded to ‘My First Monopoly Game’ in the UK and ‘Monopoly Discover’ in the USA. The game now includes a two-sided game board – Level 1 is designed for Ages 4-5, while Level 2 is a continuation of the existing Monopoly Junior. This edition now has six tokens – instead of the traditional four (Cat, Penguin, Dog, Rubber Duck, T-Rex & Car) and brings back the £5 note.

2023 Update: New sets from end of 2022 onwards have returned to the ‘Monopoly Junior’ branding. The game itself appears unchanged from small print run of ‘My First Monopoly Game / Monopoly Discover’ – with two sided board. Both variants are generally sold by retailers, presumably while supplies of the original game last.

My First Monopoly Game [Monopoly Discover] (2022)

Designed for ages 4+ and 2 to 6 players. There are two levels of gameplay. Level 1 is a simplified version of Monopoly Junior. Designed for ‘counting and matching’. All properties have a price of £1. The board can be flipped for Level 2, which appears to be a new design of the recent Monopoly Junior. Designed for ‘reading and simple math’. Level 2 brings back other denominations of money – with the return of the £5 note.

Monopoly Junior (2022)

Despite the rebrand back to ‘Monopoly Junior’ – the game and contents remain identical.

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Level 1
Level 2


  1. ZacBobisKing

    Changed name to monopoly junior

    • Callum

      Indeed it has. Perhaps Hasbro decided it was better to stick with the ‘Junior’ branding which has served it so well. The ‘My First Monopoly Game / Monopoly Discover’ did not stick around for long.

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