This website is dedicated to showcasing the wide range of Monopoly editions released in several different formats. A brief history of Monopoly within the UK is also included.

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Collection (as of April 2022)
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Collection Count: 710

Type Qty
Standard (Variants) – Deluxe, Anniversary etc28
Junior – including variants and themed42
Card & Dice13
Here & Now11
Sport – World Cup, Football Clubs & More35
Location – UK and international cities (regular boxes)60
Location (USA) – Long Boxes produced by USAopoly15
Themed – including Disney & Star Wars151
International – Standard (and travel)126
International (Variants)46
Video Games43

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Very brief history:

Monopoly was brought to the market in 1935 by Parker Brothers in the USA. By 1936, Waddingtons bought the UK License and created a UK version for 1936. World War II caused great variations within Monopoly sets due to the lack of availability of metal and plastic. During the 1950s, induvial boxes with boards has been phased out and long red boxes were sold. This continued until 1996, when standard rectangular boxes were used.

2008 saw the Cannon and the Horse & Rider dropped from the lineup. Hasbro branding started being the sole brand logo on boxes in 2009 following the purchase of Tonka (in the USA) and Waddingtons (in the UK). The Iron was also retired in 2013, being replaced by the Cat. Another poll was held in 2017, this time, it was the Boot, Thimble and Wheelbarrow that made way for the T-Rex, Penguin and Rubber Ducky. 2021 freshened up the text of the Community Chest cards with 21st Century events such as ‘You organise a bake sale for your local school. Collect £25’. The latest change was during the 2022 Token Throwback Vote which will remove the T-Rex and reintroduce the Thimble.