The Speed Die was implemented in Monopoly Mega Edition, first published in 2006. The extra red die is not used for determining doubles; but if a triple is rolled, the player may move to any square on the board. The Speed Die was introduced to all Monopoly sets, and official tournaments from 2007 (2008 in the UK). It was dropped from UK sets after the 2015 release. Although can still be selected as an option in some Monopoly video games, and is continued to be included in the USA.

When the Speed Die is implemented, all players take any extra £1000, making the starting cash amount £2,500. The Speed Die is added to the two white dice once you have passed Go for the first time

Rolling any number adds that to your move total

Rolling the Bus allows you to move either the value on any one of the standard dice; or move normally

Rolling Mr Monopoly advances you to the nearest unowned property after your normal turn. If all properties are purchased. Move to your opponent’s nearest unmortgaged property