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Monopoly Bid

Released: 2021

How to Play:

Each player is dealt five cards at the beginning of the game. Any player which did not receive any money has to discard their hand and draw five new cards.

During each round, a new player becomes the auction host (rotating to the left). Every player draws a cards, then the auction host may play any Action cards from their hand – the action of which can be cancelled out by other players using a Nope! card.

The Host then flips the top property card from the property pile. Each player choose their bid (or whether they will bid). On the count of three, everyone reveals their bid – the highest bid wins the property. In the event of a tie, the auction is held again.

Then the next person takes over as Auction host. The game ends once a player has collected three property sets. That player is declared the winner.

  • USA (2021)
  • Sweden
  • 3, 2, 1 – Germany

Monopoly Junior – Card Game (Shuffle)

Monopoly Junior (Card Game) was produced by Cartamundi in 2015. It was released in the Shuffle range, and had a companion app which introduced Chance Cards.

Each player takes one of the token cards and places it in front of them. The deck is shuffled and divided into four equal piles.

On your turn, draw a card from any pile. Property cards go in front of you, money goes into your bank. Also, on your turn you may move your token to any of your properties.

If you draw a property colour which another player has their token on, you must pay rent. Change is not given. If multiple players have their token on that colour, you choose which one player to pay.

You may also pay to ‘sneak a peek’ for £1, £2 or £3. The amount paid allows you to look at the top card from 1 to 3 piles. You may then keep one of them cards as your turn, or draw from a pile not yet inspected.

The game ends when a player has three complete property sets (a set only contains two). That player is declared the winner.

  • France

Monopoly Hotels

Released: 2012

Monopoly Hotels is based on a since discontinued mobile app from EA with the same name. It is designed for two players

Each player takes a hotel base and a floor of their colour. Money is placed to the side and everyone draws £250. Every player takes five cards.

On each turn, draw two cards (five if you have zero cards) and you can use up to three actions – play a card, or pay a bill. At the end of your turn, you may only hold seven cards – discard down if needed.

Room cards are placed in empty floors. A celebrity room card cannot attract bills. Bill cards are placed into a floor in your opponent’s hotel – you cannot collect rent on that room while it remains. Build/Rent cards allow you to either build a new floor or collect rent. There are many different action cards which compliment the set.

The end of the game is reached once a player has five rooms with each room occupied, without any bills.

Monopoly Cars 2 – Snap Em

Released: 2011

Monopoly Cars 2 – Snap Em is a simple matching game. It is based on the Monopoly Cars 2 board game edition.

Monopoly Cars 2 Snap Em is a bilingual edition for the UK and Spanish markets.

The game was also released as Monopoly Cars 2 Sprint for the French and Italian markets (also a bilingual edition).

Snap Em cards

Monopoly Quality Street Promo

In 2005, promotional tins of Quality Street came with a free Monopoly themed card game. The game is a simple matching game. Lay all the cards flat on the table and take turns attempting to find a pair. Each property set has a different value (the value to purchase in a standard game), there are also Chance, Community Chest, corner squares and a £600 Quality Street card to be found.

Once all the cards have been collected, the player with the highest score wins.

Quality Street is produced by Nestlé, in the same year in France, a promotional edition of Monopoly Junior was distributed with products.

Monopoly – The Card Game

Monopoly: The Card Game is different to standard Monopoly. To win the game you must finish with a balance of over 10,000 points (trackable by the bank notes).

Players take turns drawing and swapping cards, the round ends when one player has ensured all 10 cards in their hand are in a monopoly. Players then count up the value of their hand and draw the value in bank notes to keep track.

The game is produced by TOP Cards, who also produce Top Trumps. However, it is an officially licensed Hasbro product.



USA – 2000

Germany – 2000

Monopoly Express (Card Game) 1995

Monopoly Express was released by Waddingtons in 1995. Hasbro reused the name Monopoly Express ten years later when it rebranded Monopoly Dice Game. This page refers to the Card Game version.

The game is played in rounds. Each round, the dealer hands four cards to each player. The remaining cards are left in the middle.

At the start of your turn, draw as many cards as necessary to ensure you have five cards in your hand. Play any one card onto its matching space next to the interlocking board. You may play additional cards if that one card will complete a Monopoly set, and/or you may use the special use – Steal One Card.

The round ends once every card has been played. Tally up the scores – which is based on the value of the property sets acquired. You gain an extra five points for collecting both property sets on one side of the board, or all four corners with all four railroads.

A new round is started unless a player has achieved at least 50 points. Once this is the case, the player with the highest score wins.

Monopoly Express (The Dice Game)

Monopoly Express is a dice game for two to four players.

Players take turns rolling dice. On your turn, remove the house/hotel die and roll the remaining dice. If you roll a Policeman, place the die on the matching square – collecting three policemen immediately ends your turn and scores zero. A Go sign scores an instant £200.

With the remaining dice, you must choose which dice to keep and which to reroll. Every property die has a monetary value depending on the colour set. Colleting a full set earns a large bonus. Chance is used as a wildcard and can be placed anywhere – albeit only one Chance is allowed per colour set.

Completing a colour set unlocks the House/Hotel die. Roll this die to earn houses (or hotel) or to remove a Policeman. Houses score an addition £1,000, Hotels earn £5,000.

Once you have ‘banked’ all the die you wish to keep, you may choose to roll again. This helps you complete your colour sets, however, rolling a third policeman will result in no score (except money earnt from Go). Add up the complete set values of any complete property sets you have collected (and any houses). In addition, you may score for properties on the highest colour incomplete set – you may only score for one incomplete group.

Play rotates until one player has won £15,000 – although this target may be changed to suit a shorter or longer game.

  • Dice Game (1993)

Initially released by Waddingtons in 1993, Monopoly Dice Game is the earliest form of the dice game. This edition does not include the house die and therefore that rule is not included.

  • Express (2005)
  • Express Casino (2005)

This upgraded release adds a mat, for holding saved dice, in the shape of a board. Also, instead of an included score pad, poker chips keep the score.