007 – 50th Anniversary (2012)

100 Snap-On (2020)

Act For Food – Carrefour Promo [ES] (2022)

Read more here: Act For Food – Carrefour Promo

Adventure Time (2015)

Alan Turing (2012)

Alton Towers Resort (2018)

American Chopper [US] (2006)

The America Special Edition [US] (2002)

Included ‘American Expansion’ – Four optional Corner Squares plus Trivia Questions

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (2015)

Batman (2005) [US]

The Beano (2015)

Beano (2018)

The Beatles [US] (2008)

The Beatles (2018)

The Betty Boop Collection [US] (2002)

Bibby Line Group [US] (2007)

Bluestone National Park (2018)

Boy Scouts of America (2004)

Breaking Bad [IT] (2022)

Bremont (2019)

Candy Crush (2016)

Centennial Olympic Games [US] (1996)

Christmas (2017)

CityVille (2012)

CityVille has a slight difference to standard Monopoly editions. The winner is the first player to construct four skyscrapers. These are the CityVille equivalent to Hotels.

In addition, new cards are added called ‘Mystery Gift’ which can be added to your property to boost the rent value.

Zynga’s CityVille was an online game, originally playable on Facebook. It survived four and a half years from December 2010 to April 2015. A sequel, published shortly after this Monopoly, attracted less success, collapsing after three months.

Coca-Cola Collector’s Edition [US] (1999)

.Com (Dot Com) (2000)

Connoisseurs Scotland (2017)

Conway (2021)

Read more about the 60th Anniversary celebration of FM CONWAY

Coronation Street (2003)

Costa (2021)

Rare edition

See here for more details here: Costa – 50th Anniversary

DC Comics (2014)

Die Schweizer Schlösser [CH] (2020)

Doctor Who: Regeneration (2019)

Dodgers (2000) [USA]

DPD (2021)

Given to employees only.

See here for more details: Monopoly DPD (2021)

Dragon Ball Z [FR] (2019)

DuelMasters [US] (2004)