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Monopoly Keyrings

Keychain (2000)

The game does not contain all the pieces required to play. A small drawer contains tokens.

Keychain Games (2021)

Properties (in order): Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Malta, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Haiti, Canada, France, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, England and USA.

These are fully playable games. Red has properties labelled by flags, Gold has properties labelled by geographical outline.

Red has a traditional theme for pieces, whereas Gold has a grey/black/gold theme.

Hasbro has released many other games in the Keychain Games series.

Gold Keychain contents

2021 – New Design

Keychain Games Super Pack (2022)

Contains the Red Monopoly Keychain Game along with four other Hasbro Keychain Games (Connect 4, Guess Who?, Cluedo and Operation)

World’s Smallest (2020) [USA]

2014 – : Grab & Go

Grab & Go is the current release of Hasbro travel games – including Monopoly.

Spain & Portugal hybrid board


Spain & Portugal combine to share a board

Scandinavia is designed for Sweden/Finland/Denmark/Norway/Iceland and uses the traditional British board

Otherwise the game is a reduced sized version of the regular gameboard.

2021 Grab & Go Production Code
  • Road Trip (2018)

2001 – 2011: Games to Go!


Also a Spanish version in the collection


Board now becomes attached to a case which also holds the pieces.


contents of red case


The only difference between the 2005 release and the 2010 release is the presence of separate Chance & Community Chest cards, instead of printing it back to back.

Magnetic Pocket Edition

Three variants of Magnetic Pocket Edition were made in the UK.

1991 contents
1993 contents
  • Tax Free (c1993)

This edition was sold at UK airports. The tokens are gold coloured, and the box is labelled ‘Tax Free’

  • Alternative Design (1993)

1984 – 1997: Travel

Traditional Monopoly has also been released in travel sized variants since 1984. During this time, Waddington’s also made travel versions of other games they owned such as Cluedo.

  • 1984

Despite the smaller flat square box, the contents are full sized Monopoly pieces with a full sized board which folds into four. Travel games – especially Monopoly can be accused of being too small to use, however, this 1984 version eliminates this issue. While being the largest of the travel games, this is my favourite version, as apart from the box, it is a full sized traditional Monopoly.

  • 1994
  • 1997

Monopoly Junior – Travel


Compared to regular Junior editions, there is only one attraction in each colour group. When landing on an unowned property, you must purchase it. Landing on it again allows you to buy a second Ticket Booth – doubling the rent. Chance cards are replaced by a spinner. Otherwise, gameplay remains the same