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Counterfeit Monopoly Editions

Greece (1990s?)

See More in Greece Section

Monopoly Junior – Pokémon

2 in 1 – Monopoly & Scrabble

Carry handle. Board is a mistranslated copy of the French Monopoly board. Box states ‘Paker Brothers’ instead of Parker. Many translation errors on box, board & instructions. Low quality.

Not included in the collection: Monopoly The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror. See the signs of being a fake here!

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  1. Chris Rawlinson

    Just stumbled into your website 10 minutes ago while looking for something…Monopoly related..can’t remember now. LOL. I’d love to see more examples of known counterfeit Monopoly games. I just read your piece on Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors. I actually bought a counterfeit Treehouse on Ebay recently, and realized as soon as I opened it that it was a sham. The seller had no idea ( a little old lady who sells china dishes on Ebay), and when I told her it was counterfeit, she was shocked. She offered me 1/2 my money back..which I accepted and I kept the game. I will be bookmarking your site… I’m fairly caught up in collecting this game, and can always use more resources and info. Thanks for being here

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