Released: 2021

How to Play:

Each player is dealt five cards at the beginning of the game. Any player which did not receive any money has to discard their hand and draw five new cards.

During each round, a new player becomes the auction host (rotating to the left). Every player draws a cards, then the auction host may play any Action cards from their hand – the action of which can be cancelled out by other players using a Nope! card.

The Host then flips the top property card from the property pile. Each player choose their bid (or whether they will bid). On the count of three, everyone reveals their bid – the highest bid wins the property. In the event of a tie, the auction is held again.

Then the next person takes over as Auction host. The game ends once a player has collected three property sets. That player is declared the winner.

  • USA (2021)
  • Sweden
  • 3, 2, 1 – Germany