Another poll was taken for a new token line-up. This time, all eight tokens were at risk, with 56 ready to take their place. Ultimately, five tokens survived – Racecar, Battleship, Top Hat and Dog. The Thimble, Wheelbarrow and Boot were all retired. The victorious three new tokens were the Rubber Ducky, Penguin and T-Rex

2017 – ‘0317’

2017 – September Reprint

Reprinted in 2017

Date code: 0917

NEW TOKEN LINE-UP! label dropped from the box

Box depth decreased from 51 mm to 42 mm

2018 – Grab the Flying Cash


Reprinted in 2020

GRAB THE FLYING CASH label dropped from the box

New style of Houses and Hotels (quality appears to have decreased)

Grab the Flying Cash

Promotional for Monopoly Cash Grab (2017)