The aim of Monopoly Cheaters Edition is for players to attempt to ‘cheat’. There are many different cheats a player may perform. For example: taking another player’s hotel or stealing money from the bank. In this game, there is no dedicated banker, instead a mini-tray with everything required is passed around. Players must be extra vigilant to ensure that the person taking their turn doesn’t also steal. If, however, someone is caught, then they are immediately sent to jail and must attach the handcuffs provided.

USA – BONUS pack

In addition to the standard USA contents of Monopoly Cheaters Edition – this game includes 3 extra ‘Cash themed’ tokens. The Sack of Money featured in Monopoly sets in the USA between 1999 and 2008, while the other two tokens were unsuccessful candidates in the 2017 Token Madness vote.

This BONUS! pack also introduces a new mechanic to Monopoly Cheaters Edition – the Counterfeit Money Pack. These are notes which should be shuffled into bank. These notes are clearly marked with COUNTERFEIT. They can be used as normal Monopoly notes but are not counted into the final scores at the end of the game.