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Leeds Monopoly 500 Limited Edition

In 1989, Waddingtons released a limited edition print run of Monopoly with only 500 sets being produced. This version of Monopoly replaces the traditional London streets with those from around the city of Leeds – an idea that was unique at the time and later inspired multiple city based Monopoly from the late 1990s. All profits generated from the sale went towards the Lord Mayor of Leeds‘ (Cllr Les Carter) appeal. Each set has a unique seal of authenticity with number (from 1 to 500) with The Lord Mayor owning Set #1.


The properties are as followed: Burmantofts, Sheepscar, Chapeltown Road, Regent Street, North Street, Great George St, Woodhouse Lane, Cookridge Street, Eastgate, The Calls, Kirkgate, Boar Lane, Wellington Street, City Square, Vicar Lane, The Headrow, Briggate, Albion Street, Lands Lane, Commercial Street, East Parade and finally Park Row. The stations are: City Station, Crossgate Station, Horsforth Station & New Pudsey Station; and the utilities: Yorkshire Electricity & Yorkshire Water.

Newspaper Article

Newspaper article (credit helenh-a {ebay})

“A LIMITED edition charity version of the world-famous Monopoly has proved a huge sell-out success for Leeds manufacturers Waddingtons. The 500 sets, using Leeds place names instead of London ones, were all snapped up within two hours of going on sale yesterday, leaving many people disappointed. Long queues had already formed outside the firm’s Rothwell premises when the doors opened at 8.45am.

The demand is such that Waddingtons boss Mr Victor Watson is consider producing another print run of the Leeds edition, with profits going towards the Lord Mayor of Leed’s appeal. However, he faces a dilemma because he is anxious not to upset those people who have already paid out £25 for a limited edition item.

‘Perhaps I should have set a higher price on the limited edition or produced some more, but we have still raised over £10,000 for charity’ he said.”


Number 333/500 is included in this collection.

The contents, board and box are identical to that of Monopoly sets produced from 1987 to 1993 (apart from the Leeds theme).


Two sets have sold recently. On the 5th January 2023, #192 sold for £190.50. #333 sold for £103.58. Another set (#244) is available for £180 (or best offer). However, The Mirror (in 2006) claimed that one set has sold at auction as much as £1,650.

Other Unusual Standard Board Releases

Monopoly and Cluedo Plus 5 Classic Games (2005)

Vintage Game Collection (2006)

Bookshelf (2006)

Exclusive to Marks & Spencer

Monopoly Bookshelf is designed to look like a book. It is has a standard London Monopoly board inside. The contents have been given a more retro-feel with traditional wooden houses and hotel and the original style of Chance and Community Chest cards. The ‘book’ closes itself with magnets so the pieces stay safe.

Onyx (2007)

Six Crackers & Mini Game (2011)

Standard Edition included with Six Crackers

Also included in the collection: 6 Crackers + Mini Monopoly Deal (Card Game)

Time Exclusive Releases – Token Madness & Championship etc

  • Millennium 2000 (1999)

  • Championship (2009)

Released in advance of the Monopoly Championship held in 2009

  • Golden Token Bonus (2012)

All the tokens have been given a new gold colour, the traditional eight, in addition to the candidates for introduction.

In a poll held in 2013, members of the public were given the task to choose their favourite token from the standard selection and from the new five (a ring, a robot, a cat, a guitar and a helicopter). The loser in the first ballot was the iron, which was soon replaced by the cat. A similar contest was held again in early 2017.

  • Token Madness (2017)

Features eight tokens from the 2017 poll. Unlike Signature Token, this had a global release.

  • Signature Token [DE] (2017)

In 2017, Hasbro held an online poll to decide which 8 tokens should be included in a standard set of Monopoly. In this poll, 64 tokens were offered – the original 8 and 56 newly designed tokens. This edition provides all 64 tokens that were offered in the poll – in addition to a very Deluxe style inside with a new board, money, houses etc.

Ultimately, the T-Rex, Penguin and Rubber Duck were voted in, with the Thimble, Boot and Wheelbarrow retired from the game. This edition was never released in the UK.

Electronic Banking & Zapped

  • Zapped (2012)

Monopoly Zapped requires an iPad to work. It acts like the bank.

Randomly throughout the game, a player could receive a mini-game to take part in. Depending on how the player does, a prize may be given.

The playing pieces have been given a more futuristic look. The houses and hotels are now translucent green and red, respectively. Also, the tokens are strips of transparent plastic with a coloured engraving of the traditional token.

  • Electronic Banking (2013)
  • Electronic Banking – 80th Anniversary Edition (2015)
  • Zapped [USA] (2012)

Monopoly Deluxe (1972+)

Four Monopoly Deluxe editions have been produced for the UK audience since 1972. A long-box in 1972, a smaller edition in 1986 and 1998 and a final edition in 2003. This collection features all four of these editions plus a special adaptation of the 1972 edition created for the British Monopoly Championship.

The upgrades usually consist of gold tokens, a title deed carrousel, premium banking tray and wooden houses & hotels.

EditionTokensTitle DeedHouses & Hotels
19726 GoldCarrouselPlastic
19866 GoldCarrouselWood
199810 GoldStandWood
200310 GoldStandWood
(wood colour

Monopoly Deluxe (1972)

1975 – Presented for the British Monopoly Championship

Read more about it here: 1975 Deluxe

Monopoly Deluxe (1986)

Monopoly Deluxe (1998)

Monopoly Deluxe (2003)

This is the latest ‘Monopoly Deluxe’. Although other ‘Deluxe’-style games have been produced since – such as the Anniversary editions.