Keychain (2000)

The game does not contain all the pieces required to play. A small drawer contains tokens.

Keychain Games (2021)

Properties (in order): Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Malta, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Haiti, Canada, France, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, England and USA.

These are fully playable games. Red has properties labelled by flags, Gold has properties labelled by geographical outline.

Red has a traditional theme for pieces, whereas Gold has a grey/black/gold theme.

Hasbro has released many other games in the Keychain Games series.

Gold Keychain contents

2021 – New Design

Keychain Games Super Pack (2022)

Contains the Red Monopoly Keychain Game along with four other Hasbro Keychain Games (Connect 4, Guess Who?, Cluedo and Operation)

World’s Smallest (2020) [USA]