2013 saw a major redesign to the game of Monopoly Junior. The board looks like similar to a standard Monopoly board. The tokens have also changed from four coloured cars to four tokens which also appear in the regular game. Despite continuing with the attraction theme, Mayfair and Park Lane are the Dark Blue properties. All cash denominations have been replaced with £1 notes.

In a two player game, players take £20.

In a three player game, players take £18.

In a four player game, players take £16.

Players take 12 ‘Sold Signs’ which display the player’s token

The instructions also included ‘Advanced’ rules. This allows a player to pay off debt by selling properties.

The rules remain the same as previously, once a player goes bankrupt, whoever has the most cash wins!

The board also now has the traditional four corner squares – with the introduction of Jail and Free Parking instead of loose change.

  • 2013
  • 2014 – 2 More Tokens!

For this limited edition release, a Boot and Hat token have been included

  • 2015 – 80th Anniversary
  • 2016
  • 2018

Cat, Ship and Car have been replaced by the new Rubber Ducky, Penguin and T-Rex

  • 2018 – without NEW TOKENS label
  • 2018 – Russian Error?

Despite being a UK box, my copy included a Russian board – presumably an error in production. Production code date is identical