From 2008, green boxes were used instead of the previous white standard/square boxes. The token line-up was reduced to eight from ten with the retirement of the Cannon and Horse & Rider. This also saw the introduction of the Speed Die

2008 – Parker


2009 – Hasbro

The photographed edition is from 2009, one year after the new design. The only difference is branding. This edition has Hasbro branding on the bottom right of the box cover. The 2008 saw Parker branding. Parker branding remains on the board

2011 (Re-Print)

Everything remains identical apart from the side of the box. 2011 saw the copyright information slightly change. As shown by the first photo the first four digits of the production code change from 1009 to 0411 – these numbers indicate the month and year of production (MM/YY format).

2013 – Cat Replaces the Iron

A poll was held in 2013 – ‘Save Your Token’. The eight tokens were voted upon and the least popular, Iron, was retired from the game. Another poll was held at the same time to choose between introducing either: robot, ring, cat, guitar or helicopter. Ultimately, the Cat topped the poll. The Cat would also appear on the box cover for some releases.

2015 – Cat on the Box

Contents remain identical. The Cat now joins the Dog on the Box Cover

2015 – 80th Anniversary

An addition token was included to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Monopoly – the Mr Monopoly token