Monopoly Express was released by Waddingtons in 1995. Hasbro reused the name Monopoly Express ten years later when it rebranded Monopoly Dice Game. This page refers to the Card Game version.

The game is played in rounds. Each round, the dealer hands four cards to each player. The remaining cards are left in the middle.

At the start of your turn, draw as many cards as necessary to ensure you have five cards in your hand. Play any one card onto its matching space next to the interlocking board. You may play additional cards if that one card will complete a Monopoly set, and/or you may use the special use – Steal One Card.

The round ends once every card has been played. Tally up the scores – which is based on the value of the property sets acquired. You gain an extra five points for collecting both property sets on one side of the board, or all four corners with all four railroads.

A new round is started unless a player has achieved at least 50 points. Once this is the case, the player with the highest score wins.