Other companies have tried to capitalise on the long success of the classic board game Monopoly with ‘promotional’ versions of Monopoly. Normally, Monopoly editions exist for general sale – whether its a standard Monopoly or even a Retro, City, Football Team, TV and Film themed edition. However, there have been a number of Monopoly games specifically produced to be distributed for free or low cost.

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Employee Gifts / Company Exposure

Several company themed Monopoly sets have been produced which were given as gifts to employees or used generally to advertise the company rather than sold for profit.

  • Monopoly Virgin Money

Example: Virgin Money, Thomas Cook, DPD

Loyalty Promotions

Monopoly games have also been produced as ‘rewards for loyalty’. Morrisons produced a number of card games which were collected by spending a certain amount instore. News Corp Australia distributed tokens for travel sized versions of Hasbro Games which allowed the reader to purchase for $3. McDonald’s have frequently used Hasbro games as Happy Meal toys.

  • Monopoly Australia travel
  • Monopoly Germany McDonalds Happy Meal box

Example: Morrisons Promo (Monopoly Deal), News Corp Australia Promo (Monopoly), McDonald’s Happy Meal Promo

Competition / Prizes

Special Monopoly editions have also been produced and distributed as prizes. Ribena produced 10,000 travel Ribena-themed Monopoly sets as prizes for a 2022 competition. TCC Global distributed a TCC branded Monopoly (UK London board) as a prize for their stand at Retail Week Live 2017.

Example: Ribena, Monopoly (TCC Global)


Monopoly has also been created for educational purposes. The main example is The Materials Edition Monopoly which was produced by The University of Sheffield. It includes extra large title deeds which explain the different types of materials as well as what can be produced from them. It can be ordered for £5 direct through the University of Sheffield website, although it can only be bought by educational establishments.

Example: The Materials Edition


In recent years, promotional Monopoly sets are more likely to have been produced by GlobeTrade – a Belgian based marketing company. GlobeTrade has a license to produce Hasbro Games for promotional purchases. These games have been reduced-size travel games which come in a square box. Monopoly Ribena and News Corp Australia promo are examples of GlobeTrade manufactured products.

Globetrade is the specialist for companies wanting to promote their brands better and faster through promotional marketing programs. Globetrade has a unique experience and creative approach in developing and producing tailor-made promotional items.

Through their collaboration and partnership, Globetrade and Hasbro aim to develop a variety of promotional applications of several Hasbro toys and games, thus creating exciting possibilities for companies wanting to promote their brands through the awareness of well-known Hasbro brands.

Globe trade website

Previously, Monopoly editions for corporations were produced by WinningMoves and these were full sized games.