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Monopoly Millionaire Deal

Released: 2012

The aim of Monopoly Millionaire Deal is to bank One Million in cash, instead of the usual aim of gathering three colour Property sets. Otherwise the game plays the same.

Monopoly Millionaire Deal did not initially sell well compared to its board game counterpart – Monopoly Millionaire, released in the same year. Therefore, this card game now sells for a higher price online.


  1. zen

    may i ask, if monopoly millionaire deal card discontinued? why its so expensive

    • Callum

      Thanks for the question! While it was on shelves at the same time as the Monopoly Millionaire board game, the card game variant did not sell well. Therefore since it is now discontinued and out of production, the only way of obtaining a copy is through resale markets – such as eBay or other equivalents. However, since not many were purchased, the supply of these card games is low and therefore this drives the price up.

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