There is no physical bank notes, Chance or Community Chest. Instead, everything is controlled through the ‘Top Hat’ bank unit in the centre of the board.

The game ends once one of the players goes bankrupt. Then, the player with the highest value of assets is declared by Mr Monopoly as the winner.

The ‘Top Hat’ can read Chance cards, facilitate trades and take rent.

The board is slightly shorter than a tradition set. Each colour group only has two properties in, making owning a Monopoly easier.

France – Banque Vocale

USA – Voice Banking

My version of Monopoly Voice Banking (USA) has a Spanish speaking Banking Unit. The board, box and contents are English-USA with no indication of a Spanish Banking Unit. Presumably the Banking Unit is an error.

Japanese Banking Unit Error

I also have another UK edition (identical to the first photograph – English/UK box, board, contents etc). This Banking Unit is set to Japanese. It is impossible to change the languages of these devices.