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1957 – 1993: Long Red Box

From 1957, the Box & Board editions were phased out with a long box which contained the board as well as the pieces. Each edition sees slight variance – mainly with regards to the Chance & Community Chest cards. The photographs best show the evolution. Once again all dates are estimates. The following six tokens would also become a mainstay of the Long Red Box – with the introduction of the Dog


Last standard Monopoly edition to feature the 6 flat metal tokens, as well as wooden houses and hotels.


The six tokens return to the line-up. Although, I have also seen red long box editions with the previous six flat metal tokens used a few years prior.


1972 – John Waddington Ltd

The board is unusually folded between Marylebone and Liverpool St Station across the Monopoly logo, as opposed to the usual Kings Cross to Fenchurch St Station.

1972 – Waddingtons House of Games Rebrand

There are very few differences between this edition and the previous 1972 edition. Both contains the same pieces and design. Before 1984, John Waddington Ltd was rebranded to Waddingtons House of Games. The box reflects this change even if the design remains identical. Now ‘Manufactured in England’ rather than ‘Manufactured in Great Britain’. Also interesting is that the board has changed back to being folded through Marylebone and Liverpool St Station, and is now folded through Kings Cross and Fenchurch St Station.




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  1. Harold Lee

    Great presentation. I think the heading would be more appropriate if the dates were changed from 1950s-1993 to 1957-1993

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