Released: 2012

Monopoly Hotels is based on a since discontinued mobile app from EA with the same name. It is designed for two players

Each player takes a hotel base and a floor of their colour. Money is placed to the side and everyone draws £250. Every player takes five cards.

On each turn, draw two cards (five if you have zero cards) and you can use up to three actions – play a card, or pay a bill. At the end of your turn, you may only hold seven cards – discard down if needed.

Room cards are placed in empty floors. A celebrity room card cannot attract bills. Bill cards are placed into a floor in your opponent’s hotel – you cannot collect rent on that room while it remains. Build/Rent cards allow you to either build a new floor or collect rent. There are many different action cards which compliment the set.

The end of the game is reached once a player has five rooms with each room occupied, without any bills.