In 2017, after the success of the Save Your Token Event, Monopoly attempted to freshen up the line-up of Monopoly tokens again. This time, no token was safe, with it being possible that a completely new line-up of eight tokens would be chosen.

Each token was put into a category, and 7 tokens were designed for each category bringing the total choice up to 64 different tokens! Voters were asked to pick which eight they would most like to see in future releases.

Betting odds offered by PaddyPower on which token(s) would be voted out

Ultimately, the T-Rex, Rubber Duck and Penguin finished in the Top 8, with the Thimble, Wheelbarrow and Boot dropping out from new editions. These changes mean that there are now 5 Animal related tokens in new Monopoly sets, with the Battleship, Top Hat and Racecar surviving.

Two special editions were released. Token Madness features eight of the 56 addition tokens – this had a worldwide release.

Signature Token was released in USA and Germany only, and features all 64 tokens