During the 1991 to 2018 run of Monopoly Junior games, there have been a few other releases which are similar to the Junior gameplay.

My First Monopoly (2006)

Not to be confused with the Monopoly Junior rebrand My First Monopoly Game (2022)

All players play through one token, Mr Monopoly. He also decides what number is rolled, as there is no dice in this game.

In addition, no chance cards are needed in this game as the Mr Monopoly token can read out a chance when it detects that the player has landed on Chance.

When a property is landed on, the player must place a green block on the property. When the number of blocks, indicated by the number by the property, is reached then the player may place one of their coloured roofs on the stack. To win, you must play all your roofs.

Crazy Cash (2009)

The game ends when a player goes bankrupt or when the cash machine runs out of money.

The Cash Machine is the major difference between this version and the regular Junior editions. The Cash Machine is used when a player lands on the designated Cash Machine space. A card is inserted and then four items are produced. These could either be Chance cards or money. Money is stored as usual and Chance cards’ actions must be followed.

Monopoly Junior Party (2011)

Monopoly Junior Party was released in 2011, the same year as the last of the original Monopoly Junior sets were produced. The board and gameplay is very similar to how Monopoly Junior would become in 2013 – with the four traditional corner squares implemented. The only addition is the ‘Party Box’ which includes money raised from Chance Cards. The ‘Party Box’ would appear in other themed Monopoly Junior sets.