Dedicated to the Collecting and History of Monopoly

Monopoly Junior – International

USA (1990)

Germany (1996)

India (1998)

Manufactured 2003

USA (1999)

Germany (2001)

France (2013)

France (2017)


  1. Lana

    Hello! Are you aware of the “Mandela Effect” that related to Mr. Monopoly… as in, many people believe he used to wear a monocle- however now it is claimed he never has.

    WELL, I recently discovered that in the (I believe) UK and German 1996 versions of Monopoly Junior , on the orange $2 bills, he DOES have a monocle!!

    Well, this has the Mandela Effect community in a tizzy. Can you possibly provide any further insight to this topic- such as, did different t countries use different money? (They must have, because America’s money didn’t have the monocle.) Are you aware of any other monocle spottings?? Or have anything you’d like to mention, at all??

    Thank you!

    • Callum

      Thanks for the comment! I’ve sent you an email with all the information I have and some photographs of Monopoly Junior money.

      You are absolutely correct, the 1996 editions of Monopoly Junior internationally have a £2 note with Mr Monopoly with a monocle.

      I’m sadly not aware of any other editions which have a monocle wearing Mr Monopoly/Rich Uncle Pennybags

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