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USA – Monopoly Around the World

List of different Monopoly sets for sale in the USA in 1937

Popular Edition #8 (1936)

Type: Popular Edition #8 ($2.50)

  • London listed on box; it was replaced with Chicago in 1937
  • Popular edition included an 8th token – purse
  • Hotels marked with ‘Grand Hotel’
  • The board is pebble green
  • Darrow copyright on Jail corner
  • The photographed edition above includes the 35c additional money

1937 – ‘Junior’ #6

1943 – ‘Junior’ #6

Players: 2 to 6

Published: 1943-45

Type: #6 [‘Junior’] ($2.00)

  • Number 6 Edition
  • Landlord’s Game patent number removed.
  • Coloured wood tokens

1946 – ‘New Edition’

For a complete timeline of New Edition see

After World War II, the original Cannon token was replaced by the Howitzer-style cannon and the boot was retired for the Horse & Rider. This set can be identified as being produced in 1946 as the phrase ‘Reg. US Patent Office’ is underneath the title. The next print run used ‘REGISTERED’ instead of ‘REG.’




Production switched to Beverly, Mass

Deluxe Anniversary (1984)

Produced for the 50th Anniversary


Produced by Kenner Parker


New Parker Brothers Logo

There appears to be no changes from the 1985 release – contents remains identical. Production now by Tonka

Deluxe (1995)

60th Anniversary Edition (1995)


Millennium (1998)


Money Bag token included

1999 – Spanish Translation

Released in the USA with USA properties ‘translated’ into Spanish.

65th Anniversary (1999/2000)

Go (2008)

Token Madness (2017)


New Token Line Up

Monopoly Deluxe (1972+)

Four Monopoly Deluxe editions have been produced for the UK audience since 1972. A long-box in 1972, a smaller edition in 1986 and 1998 and a final edition in 2003. This collection features all four of these editions plus a special adaptation of the 1972 edition created for the British Monopoly Championship.

The upgrades usually consist of gold tokens, a title deed carrousel, premium banking tray and wooden houses & hotels.

EditionTokensTitle DeedHouses & Hotels
19726 GoldCarrouselPlastic
19866 GoldCarrouselWood
199810 GoldStandWood
200310 GoldStandWood
(wood colour

Monopoly Deluxe (1972)

1975 – Presented for the British Monopoly Championship

Read more about it here: 1975 Deluxe

Monopoly Deluxe (1986)

Monopoly Deluxe (1998)

Monopoly Deluxe (2003)

This is the latest ‘Monopoly Deluxe’. Although other ‘Deluxe’-style games have been produced since – such as the Anniversary editions.

1957 – 1993: Long Red Box

From 1957, the Box & Board editions were phased out with a long box which contained the board as well as the pieces. Each edition sees slight variance – mainly with regards to the Chance & Community Chest cards. The photographs best show the evolution. Once again all dates are estimates. The following six tokens would also become a mainstay of the Long Red Box – with the introduction of the Dog


Last standard Monopoly edition to feature the 6 flat metal tokens, as well as wooden houses and hotels.


The six tokens return to the line-up. Although, I have also seen red long box editions with the previous six flat metal tokens used a few years prior.


1972 – John Waddington Ltd

The board is unusually folded between Marylebone and Liverpool St Station across the Monopoly logo, as opposed to the usual Kings Cross to Fenchurch St Station.

1972 – Waddingtons House of Games Rebrand

There are very few differences between this edition and the previous 1972 edition. Both contains the same pieces and design. Before 1984, John Waddington Ltd was rebranded to Waddingtons House of Games. The box reflects this change even if the design remains identical. Now ‘Manufactured in England’ rather than ‘Manufactured in Great Britain’. Also interesting is that the board has changed back to being folded through Marylebone and Liverpool St Station, and is now folded through Kings Cross and Fenchurch St Station.