This Monopoly Succession set is one of the rarest in my collection. Monopoly Heirloom was produced by WS Game Company – an American company that specialises in designing ‘luxury’ versions of Hasbro games. However, this edition is even rarer due to its ‘Succession’ branding.

This edition was not sold in stores, instead it was given away as a gift in advance of the Premiere of the fourth and final season of the TV show Succession. Succession Season Four debuted on 26th March 2023.

The centre of the board has the ‘SUCCESSION’ logo and the side of the board is marked with the ‘HBO MAX’ logo. Otherwise the game is identical to the Monopoly Heirloom edition.


Additional Information about Monopoly Succession

Hi Callum,

Thank you so much for reaching out! It is so awesome that you were able to obtain one of the Succession Monopoly Heirloom Editions. The information I can give you regarding the unit is that we worked with an HBO hired promotional company to produce this Monopoly for the final season. Unfortunately we cannot share any additional details about the qty produced and the distribution of the units. You definitely have very good fortune to be able to have obtained one of these units!


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