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Monopoly Unicorns v Llamas (2019)

  • GAME ABOUT ADORABLE ANIMALS: In this awesome animal Monopoly game, unicorns and llamas faceoff to see which adorable beast is best
  • TEAM UP: This Monopoly board game for kids ages 8 and up is designed to be played in teams; choose to play on Team Unicorn or Team Llama; Mark territories with rainbow or candy cardboard title markers
  • CLAIM TITLES: Instead of buying properties like in the classic Monopoly board game, in the Monopoly Unicorn vs. Llamas game teams claim titles for their fuzzy friends such as Most Huggable or Cutest Babies
  • GET AHEAD WITH CHANCE CARDS: Players move ahead in the board game with hilarious Llama and Unicorn Chance cards featuring phrases that remind players why they love these creatures so much
  • FUN BOARD GAME FOR AGES 8 AND UP: The Monopoly Unicorns Vs. Llamas game plays up the rivalry of these adorable creatures; Players can have a blast trying to prove that their furry friends are the best

Monopoly – International Cities & Towns

UK Cities:

USA Cities:

International Cities:


This collection includes:

  • Corse [FR]
  • Köln [DE]
  • Limerick [IE]
  • Normandie [FR]
  • Wien [AU]
  • Zurich [CH]

Corse [FR] (2002) (Traditional)

Köln [DE] (2002) (Traditional)

Limerick [IRE] (2016) (Modern)

Normandie [FR] (2015) (Modern)

Wien [AU] (2000) (Traditional)

Zurich [CH] (2001) (Traditional)

France – Monopoly Around the World




1968 – square


Last edition to be published by Miro before Parker Brothers reclaimed the rights

1985 – Deluxe Style


1985 – long

1985 – square

1985 – square


Coloured pawns and plastic houses/hotels return as Tonka take over from Kenner Parker

1987 (square)


Voyage (1993)

Les Bons Voyage (1994)



Nouvelle Euro (2002)


2012 (travel)


Production Code: 1018 (October 2018)


Et si Monopoly était inventé aujourd’hui ? [FR] (2006)

Monopoly Pokémon – Édition de Kanto [FR] (2014)

Monopoly Édition Tricheurs [FR] (2018)

USA – Monopoly Around the World

List of different Monopoly sets for sale in the USA in 1937

Popular Edition #8 (1936)

Type: Popular Edition #8 ($2.50)

  • London listed on box; it was replaced with Chicago in 1937
  • Popular edition included an 8th token – purse
  • Hotels marked with ‘Grand Hotel’
  • The board is pebble green
  • Darrow copyright on Jail corner
  • The photographed edition above includes the 35c additional money

1937 – ‘Junior’ #6

1943 – ‘Junior’ #6

Players: 2 to 6

Published: 1943-45

Type: #6 [‘Junior’] ($2.00)

  • Number 6 Edition
  • Landlord’s Game patent number removed.
  • Coloured wood tokens



Production switched to Beverly, Mass

Deluxe Anniversary (1984)

Produced for the 50th Anniversary


Produced by Kenner Parker


New Parker Brothers Logo

There appears to be no changes from the 1985 release – contents remains identical. Production now by Tonka

Deluxe (1995)

60th Anniversary Edition (1995)


Millennium (1998)


Money Bag token included

1999 – Spanish Translation

Released in the USA with USA properties ‘translated’ into Spanish.

65th Anniversary (1999/2000)

Go (2008)

Token Madness (2017)


New Token Line Up

Nintendo Consoles

  • Nintendo Entertainment System (1991)
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1991)
  • GameBoy Advance (2001)
  • EX-Monopoly [JP] (2001)
  • GameCube – Monopoly Party (2002)
  • DS – 4 Game Fun Pack (2005)
  • Wii (2008)
  • DS (2010)
  • Wii – Monopoly Streets (2010)
  • Wii – Collection (2012)
  • Switch (2017)

Monopoly Jenga (2019)

The winner of Monopoly Jenga is the player with the most points when the tower falls over.

Every round, the current player attempts to remove one of the blocks. Each type of block has a different value.

Property colour blocks award a point each. A set is worth 4 points.

Railway blocks allocate points based on the number owned.

Steal blocks allow a player to take a property block from an opponent.

Chance blocks mean you have to return one of your blocks to the tower.

Jail blocks skip your turn.

Monopoly Cash Grab (2017)

Monopoly Cash Grab consists of a ‘gun’ filled with M100 notes and 25 chance cards.

The spinner indicates which player will blast money first. That person activates the trigger, and everyone else must attempt to grab as much money and/or chance cards.

Play rotates to the right until the gun is empty. The player at the end of the game with the most money is the winner.

The notes and Chance cards were created specifically for Cash Grab.

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