In this version of Monopoly, there are no Railroads, utilities, houses or Community Chest Cards. Hotels can only be obtained through the ‘Vault’ – they cannot be bought.

The Vault starts with: 4 x £100, a Hotel and a Key. The key is the only way to obtain a locked property. The Vault gains an extra £100 every time a player passes Go, and it also receives money taken from the Tax squares and certain Chance Cards.

The Vault is only unlocked with the correct code. Players can make one attempt to unlock the Vault if they roll the Vault symbol during their turn; land on a Vault Space (formerly the Railroads) or pay £100 after landing on a Pay £100 Vault Space (formerly the Utilities).

The game ends when all 22 properties have been purchased or unlocked. Each player collects one extra rent payment from the bank. The winner is then whoever has the highest cash total.