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Electronic Banking & Zapped

  • Zapped (2012)

Monopoly Zapped requires an iPad to work. It acts like the bank.

Randomly throughout the game, a player could receive a mini-game to take part in. Depending on how the player does, a prize may be given.

The playing pieces have been given a more futuristic look. The houses and hotels are now translucent green and red, respectively. Also, the tokens are strips of transparent plastic with a coloured engraving of the traditional token.

  • Electronic Banking (2013)
  • Electronic Banking – 80th Anniversary Edition (2015)
  • Zapped [USA] (2012)

Monopoly Millionaire (2012)

Monopoly Millionaire is a more condensed version of standard Monopoly. There is no bankruptcy in this game; instead the winner is the first person to reach a cash total of a Million. 

A new mechanic in Millionaire is the introduction of upgrading tokens. Once a player passes Go, they have the option to sacrifice some of their Go income to get a better token. Upgrading a token is risky though, while the opportunity to make money increases, so does the probability to lose money.

Overall Millionaire is a fun new way to play; it is also available in card-form as ‘Millionaire Deal’

Monopoly Hotels

Released: 2012

Monopoly Hotels is based on a since discontinued mobile app from EA with the same name. It is designed for two players

Each player takes a hotel base and a floor of their colour. Money is placed to the side and everyone draws £250. Every player takes five cards.

On each turn, draw two cards (five if you have zero cards) and you can use up to three actions – play a card, or pay a bill. At the end of your turn, you may only hold seven cards – discard down if needed.

Room cards are placed in empty floors. A celebrity room card cannot attract bills. Bill cards are placed into a floor in your opponent’s hotel – you cannot collect rent on that room while it remains. Build/Rent cards allow you to either build a new floor or collect rent. There are many different action cards which compliment the set.

The end of the game is reached once a player has five rooms with each room occupied, without any bills.

Monopoly Cars 2 – Snap Em

Released: 2011

Monopoly Cars 2 – Snap Em is a simple matching game. It is based on the Monopoly Cars 2 board game edition.

Monopoly Cars 2 Snap Em is a bilingual edition for the UK and Spanish markets.

The game was also released as Monopoly Cars 2 Sprint for the French and Italian markets (also a bilingual edition).

Snap Em cards

Monopoly Millionaire Deal

Released: 2012

The aim of Monopoly Millionaire Deal is to bank One Million in cash, instead of the usual aim of gathering three colour Property sets. Otherwise the game plays the same.

Monopoly Millionaire Deal did not initially sell well compared to its board game counterpart – Monopoly Millionaire, released in the same year. Therefore, this card game now sells for a higher price online.