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World Cup (1998+)

Monopoly editions have so far been produced for four World Cups (1998, 2006, 2010, 2018). The 2002 World Cup did not see a Monopoly release. 2014 World Cup appears to be exclusive to Brazil. A video game version of the 1998 World Cup Monopoly was also released (logged lower down).

  • 1998

The base of the box is designed like a football pitch. It can be used as a dice tray

  • 2006

Chance and Community cards are replaced, in favour of Manager and Referee cards. This is different to the 1998’s cards which were Home and Away.

3 of the tokens return: ball, whistle and goal. The main token is the ‘golden boot’, which as its name suggests has a gold colour, compared to the regular grey for the other pieces.

  • 2010

Chance and Community cards are replaced, in favour of Half Time and Full Time cards. This is different to the 1998’s cards which were Home and Away and to the 2006’s cards of Manager and Referee.

Green stands and Red Stadiums replace the Houses and Hotels.

None of the sport themed tokens remain in this edition, instead the traditional 8 tokens are included.

  • 2018

This edition is in dual-language: English and Russian.

The 2018 World Cup edition has some differences compared to the previous versions. Firstly, most of the 1998 World Cup tokens have returned with a special 2018 mascot token.

Secondly, the Chance and Community Chest cards have been replaced by Full Time and Half Time.

Finally, the football-shaped dice haven’t returned.

It is also interesting to note, that no ‘Speed Die’ has been included and the relevant page in the rules has been replaced.

  • 1998 World Cup – PC Big Box

Monopoly Fortnite (2018+)

In Fortnite, players roll two dice – a regular die and an action die. Everyone starts with 15 Health Points. Once a player has lost their HP, they are out of the game.

Health Points are also the currency of the game. Rents and Properties are paid for through the HP coins.

Players can also shoot other players in front of them, costing them their HP coins. Walls can be set up to prevent this.

Whenever a player passes Go, they draw a Storm card. This makes one of the locations inaccessible

  • France & Spain (2018)
French board
Spain (reverse)
  • Germany (2018)
  • Italy (2019)
  • Spain (2019)
  • Poland (2019)

Collector’s Edition (2021)

Monopoly For Millennials (2018)

There are no traditional ‘properties’ in this game. Instead, players aim to buy ‘experiences’.

The game ends when all the experiences have been purchased.

When paying rent, or when advised by Chance cards or other means, players take an experience token. These are added to the value of properties and remaining cash at the end of the game and whoever has the highest score is the winner.

It is impossible to become bankrupt in Monopoly for Millennials, if you cannot afford something, you simply don’t pay!


Monopoly Cheaters Edition (2018)

The aim of Monopoly Cheaters Edition is for players to attempt to ‘cheat’. There are many different cheats a player may perform. For example: taking another player’s hotel or stealing money from the bank. In this game, there is no dedicated banker, instead a mini-tray with everything required is passed around. Players must be extra vigilant to ensure that the person taking their turn doesn’t also steal. If, however, someone is caught, then they are immediately sent to jail and must attach the handcuffs provided.

USA – BONUS pack

In addition to the standard USA contents of Monopoly Cheaters Edition – this game includes 3 extra ‘Cash themed’ tokens. The Sack of Money featured in Monopoly sets in the USA between 1999 and 2008, while the other two tokens were unsuccessful candidates in the 2017 Token Madness vote.

This BONUS! pack also introduces a new mechanic to Monopoly Cheaters Edition – the Counterfeit Money Pack. These are notes which should be shuffled into bank. These notes are clearly marked with COUNTERFEIT. They can be used as normal Monopoly notes but are not counted into the final scores at the end of the game.




Monopoly Gamer (2017+)

Monopoly Gamer is a mixture of the mechanics of Monopoly with elements of the Mario Universe. Some have described Gamer as a tabletop version of the Mario Party franchise.

The game ends once Go has been passed 8 times. Each pass of Go turns over a traditional Mario boss to fight. The winner is the player with the most points. Points can be earned by trading 5 coins, buying properties or defeating bosses.

When purchasing Monopoly Gamer, you get 4 characters. Each have a unique ability. The game can be expanded by purchasing additional characters in ‘Power Packs’

  • Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart

The core mechanics remain the same as Gamer. Properties are instead race tracks from Mario Kart 8. Instead of boss fights, players roll to see who wins a ‘race’, with the highest roller taking the card.

The power-up die also has new abilities.

Gamer Overwatch (2019)

Photographed: German Edition

Monopoly Deal – Themed

  • Deal Transformers (2016) [HK]
  • Deal Cities – London (2017)

Three editions were made by Cartamundi in 2017 – the last year of their production of Monopoly Deal. These editions include: London, Paris and Berlin. I have never seen a Paris or Berlin edition for sale. However, this collection includes Monopoly Deal London – which appeared to be an Amazon exclusive.

  • Deal DFB – Die Mannschaft (2018) [DE]

2014 – : Grab & Go

Grab & Go is the current release of Hasbro travel games – including Monopoly.

Spain & Portugal hybrid board


Spain & Portugal combine to share a board

Scandinavia is designed for Sweden/Finland/Denmark/Norway/Iceland and uses the traditional British board

Otherwise the game is a reduced sized version of the regular gameboard.

2021 Grab & Go Production Code
  • Road Trip (2018)