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Monopoly Act For Food – Carrefour Promotion – Acciones Para Comer Mejor Edición Especial

Monopoly Act For Food is a promotional Monopoly distributed by the Spanish supermarket chain Carrefour. It was available within stores from 29 March until 10th May 2022. The board game includes: Board, 6 Tokens, 12 Chance Cards, 12 Community Chest Cards, 18 Houses, 6 Hotels, 2 dice, Monopoly money and instructions.

To complete the game with its 28 Title Deeds, 4 Chance Cards and 4 Community Chest Cards, customers must make purchases within the Carrefour chain. For every €30, customers received a pack with 2 properties and a token. More packs could be earned for every addition €5 spent on qualifying purchases.

According to the leaflet in Catalan below, the board game could be purchased for €5.99 (€8.99 without app). Two packs of cards cost €0.99 (€1.49 without app). Addition tokens could be purchases in packs of two for €1.99 (€2.99 without app) – 3 different token packs available.

This Monopoly was produced by TCC Global – a marketing company.

Additional Purchases

The tokens included in packs could be exchanged with money for other exclusive rewards in the promotion. Monopoly Water bottles, Monopoly T-Shirts and Monopoly Act for Food plushies

Monopoly Act For Food – Contents

The second Brown Property Title Deed has a rare error – the price for rent without houses is double the standard amount (M4 to M8 – M8 to M16 if owned in the full colour set).

My edition is currently missing Title Deed #11 (Orange) – the title deed is currently on its way!

Act For Food

Hasbro’s most universal game has been updated with the image of Carrefour , the values ​​of food transition for all and the Actions to Eat Better program , created to promote healthy lifestyle habits .

The launch of this iconic game combines the company’s objective of promoting fun for the whole family, with the development of actions to eat better . Monopoly Act for Food allows consumers to find out in an entertaining way the objectives that Carrefour has set to lead the food transition for all and encourages, through games, the idea that eating well is a priority .


Full Carrefour Press Release

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Monopoly Tycoon (PC)

In Monopoly Tycoon, players still compete to try and bankrupt each other. The exception is the turn-based board game is lost. Instead, the game is played like Rollercoaster Tycoon. Building new businesses and trying to collect rent from them. Or if you are a solo-player, a challenge mode against the computer is available.

  • 2001
  • The Times Promo (2001)

This copy of Monopoly Tycoon was distributed for free in copies of The Times.

This game has one extra level compared to the original release. The goal of the ‘Times’ level is to be the first player to achieve 500 sales.

Players who complete this level will be given a code, which allows a free entry into a prize draw for a two-week all-inclusive holiday aboard a Silversea ultra-luxury cruise liner. Worth over £20,000.

  • Die Bild Promo [DE] (2002)

PC / Windows

  • 1993 Floppy
  • 1995 Big Box
  • 1997
  • New Edition – Big Box (1999)
  • New Edition (1999)
  • 2002
  • New Edition (2002)
  • 2008 (The Times Promo)
  • Monopoly 2 [DE] (2003)
  • Monopoly (New Edition) [DE] (2004)

Monopoly Quality Street Promo

In 2005, promotional tins of Quality Street came with a free Monopoly themed card game. The game is a simple matching game. Lay all the cards flat on the table and take turns attempting to find a pair. Each property set has a different value (the value to purchase in a standard game), there are also Chance, Community Chest, corner squares and a £600 Quality Street card to be found.

Once all the cards have been collected, the player with the highest score wins.

Quality Street is produced by Nestlé, in the same year in France, a promotional edition of Monopoly Junior was distributed with products.

Monopoly Junior PC

  • Tesco – Easter Egg Promo (2000)

This copy was distributed with Monopoly Junior themed Easter Eggs at Tesco.

Otherwise, there are no changes to gameplay.

Comes with a £5 off voucher for the new PC Monopoly game

  • 2001
  • 2003