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Monopoly Act For Food – Carrefour Promotion – Acciones Para Comer Mejor Edición Especial

Monopoly Act For Food is a promotional Monopoly distributed by the Spanish supermarket chain Carrefour. It was available within stores from 29 March until 10th May 2022. The board game includes: Board, 6 Tokens, 12 Chance Cards, 12 Community Chest Cards, 18 Houses, 6 Hotels, 2 dice, Monopoly money and instructions.

To complete the game with its 28 Title Deeds, 4 Chance Cards and 4 Community Chest Cards, customers must make purchases within the Carrefour chain. For every €30, customers received a pack with 2 properties and a token. More packs could be earned for every addition €5 spent on qualifying purchases.

According to the leaflet in Catalan below, the board game could be purchased for €5.99 (€8.99 without app). Two packs of cards cost €0.99 (€1.49 without app). Addition tokens could be purchases in packs of two for €1.99 (€2.99 without app) – 3 different token packs available.

This Monopoly was produced by TCC Global – a marketing company.

Additional Purchases

The tokens included in packs could be exchanged with money for other exclusive rewards in the promotion. Monopoly Water bottles, Monopoly T-Shirts and Monopoly Act for Food plushies

Monopoly Act For Food – Contents

The second Brown Property Title Deed has a rare error – the price for rent without houses is double the standard amount (M4 to M8 – M8 to M16 if owned in the full colour set).

My edition is currently missing Title Deed #11 (Orange) – the title deed is currently on its way!

Act For Food

Hasbro’s most universal game has been updated with the image of Carrefour , the values ​​of food transition for all and the Actions to Eat Better program , created to promote healthy lifestyle habits .

The launch of this iconic game combines the company’s objective of promoting fun for the whole family, with the development of actions to eat better . Monopoly Act for Food allows consumers to find out in an entertaining way the objectives that Carrefour has set to lead the food transition for all and encourages, through games, the idea that eating well is a priority .


Full Carrefour Press Release

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Ribena Monopoly – Limited Edition

As of 2023, two different editions of Ribena Monopoly have been released. Both have been distributed as prizes in Ribena promotions.

Jump to 2022 Ribena Monopoly

Jump to 2023 Ribena Monopoly (& Trivial Pursuit & Twister)


Only 10,000 Monopoly Ribena editions were produced. This travel sized edition measures at 15 x 15 x 4 cm. It was produced by Globetrade; a Belgium based company that is an official partner of Hasbro (also produced a very similar sized travel Monopoly for the Australian market – see 2016 travel).

To enter the competition and have a chance of winning one of these limited edition sets, during early 2022, you must purchase any promotional bottle of Ribena (850ml Ribena Squash Bottle or 2 litre Ribena Sparkling). Scan the QR code and enter the last four digits of the barcode.

Two dice will roll. A double 6 won you this limited edition Monopoly Ribena, or a double 3 won a standard Hasbro game:

  • 400 x Monopoly (Classic)
  • 495 x Jenga
  • 495 x Twister
  • 500 x Cluedo Classic Board Game
  • 495 x Cluedo Liars Board Game


  • Gameboard
  • 4 Tokens (Different Ribena bottles)
  • 28 Title Deed Cards
  • 16 Chance Card & 16 Community Chest Cards
  • 36 Houses (an extra 4)
  • 10 Hotels (a decrease of 2)
  • 2 Dice
  • Money Pack
  • Game Guide

The gameboard is a standard London UK Board with certain spaces switched such as Electric Company to Recycling Point.

See the remains of the promotional Ribena – Hasbro website here:

Ribena ran a similar promotion during 2021. By scanning the QR code, shoppers had the chance to win one of 25,000 classic Hasbro games. However 2022 marks the first time that a special Monopoly has been produced for the grand prize.


The contents list is identical to the 2022 release. The games are produced by GlobeTrade.

Ribena ran a similar promotion in 2023 between 1st July and 31st August. Customers who bought one of either Ribena Squash 850ml, Ribena Squash 1.5L (photographed below) or Ribena 500ml were eligible to enter a prize draw. 3,333 Monopoly Ribena – as well as 3,333 Ribena Trivial Pursuits & 3,333 Ribena Twisters were distributed as a Collection of three Ribena games.

3,333Ribena Mini-Board Game Collection
Ribena Monopoly
Ribena Trivial Pursuit
Ribena Twister
1st July to 28th July
375Risk28th July to 31st August
375Trivial Pursuit Family Edition28th July to 31st August
375Cluedo Classic Refresh28th July to 31st August
375Jenga28th July to 31st August
375Twister28th July to 31st August
375Connect 4 Grid28th July to 31st August
375Classic Operation28th July to 31st August
1000Monopoly (Classic)28th July to 31st August
500Five Alive Card Game28th July to 31st August

Thimble Returns & T-Rex Extinct: The New Monopoly Token Line Up has been announced!

The results of the 2022 Throwback Token Vote have been announced today (31st May) by Hasbro.

The Thimble will be returning to the Monopoly token line-up from Autumn 2022 (2023 in most international markets). The Thimble was one of the six original tokens from the 1936 UK debut of Monopoly, and was removed during the 2017 Token Madness vote – along with the Wheelbarrow and Boot.

However, this news has come at the expense of the T-Rex token, which has been officially retired. The T-Rex was one of three new tokens introduced in 2017, which also welcomed the Penguin and Rubber Duck. Spending just five years in classic Monopoly sets, it now has the shortest appearance of all the standard tokens.

The 2022 Throwback Token Vote ran for almost a month, and gave Monopoly fans the chance to bring back one previously retired token in the place of a token in the current line-up. The Thimble, Wheelbarrow, Iron, Horse & Rider, Boot or the USA exclusive Money Bag were the candidates for return. This is the third global vote – after the 2013 and 2017 events.

The official Monopoly Instagram account appeared to reveal this would become an annual event – “It’s our annual Token Vote”, however the post has since been edited to remove all mentions of ‘annual’, although one reply remains indicating that another token vote could be returning next year.

Instagram post referring to an ‘annual Token Vote’
The post has since been edited to remove ‘annual’ – although the comment remains

2022 – Monopoly Junior Rebrand (Two Levels)

Not to be confused with the 2006 game My First Monopoly (2006)

In 2022 Monopoly Junior changed rules for a second time (the first occurring in 2013). With the 2022 release, Monopoly Junior also rebranded to ‘My First Monopoly Game’ in the UK and ‘Monopoly Discover’ in the USA. The game now includes a two-sided game board – Level 1 is designed for Ages 4-5, while Level 2 is a continuation of the existing Monopoly Junior. This edition now has six tokens – instead of the traditional four (Cat, Penguin, Dog, Rubber Duck, T-Rex & Car) and brings back the £5 note.

2023 Update: New sets from end of 2022 onwards have returned to the ‘Monopoly Junior’ branding. The game itself appears unchanged from small print run of ‘My First Monopoly Game / Monopoly Discover’ – with two sided board. Both variants are generally sold by retailers, presumably while supplies of the original game last.

My First Monopoly Game [Monopoly Discover] (2022)

Designed for ages 4+ and 2 to 6 players. There are two levels of gameplay. Level 1 is a simplified version of Monopoly Junior. Designed for ‘counting and matching’. All properties have a price of £1. The board can be flipped for Level 2, which appears to be a new design of the recent Monopoly Junior. Designed for ‘reading and simple math’. Level 2 brings back other denominations of money – with the return of the £5 note.

Monopoly Junior (2022)

Despite the rebrand back to ‘Monopoly Junior’ – the game and contents remain identical.

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Level 1
Level 2