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USA – Monopoly Around the World

List of different Monopoly sets for sale in the USA in 1937

Popular Edition #8 (1936)

Type: Popular Edition #8 ($2.50)

  • London listed on box; it was replaced with Chicago in 1937
  • Popular edition included an 8th token – purse
  • Hotels marked with ‘Grand Hotel’
  • The board is pebble green
  • Darrow copyright on Jail corner
  • The photographed edition above includes the 35c additional money

1937 – ‘Junior’ #6

1943 – ‘Junior’ #6

Players: 2 to 6

Published: 1943-45

Type: #6 [‘Junior’] ($2.00)

  • Number 6 Edition
  • Landlord’s Game patent number removed.
  • Coloured wood tokens

1946 – ‘New Edition’

For a complete timeline of New Edition see

After World War II, the original Cannon token was replaced by the Howitzer-style cannon and the boot was retired for the Horse & Rider. This set can be identified as being produced in 1946 as the phrase ‘Reg. US Patent Office’ is underneath the title. The next print run used ‘REGISTERED’ instead of ‘REG.’




Production switched to Beverly, Mass

Deluxe Anniversary (1984)

Produced for the 50th Anniversary


Produced by Kenner Parker


New Parker Brothers Logo

There appears to be no changes from the 1985 release – contents remains identical. Production now by Tonka

Deluxe (1995)

60th Anniversary Edition (1995)


Millennium (1998)


Money Bag token included

1999 – Spanish Translation

Released in the USA with USA properties ‘translated’ into Spanish.

65th Anniversary (1999/2000)

Go (2008)

Token Madness (2017)


New Token Line Up

Nintendo Consoles

  • Nintendo Entertainment System (1991)
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1991)
  • GameBoy Advance (2001)
  • EX-Monopoly [JP] (2001)
  • GameCube – Monopoly Party (2002)
  • DS – 4 Game Fun Pack (2005)
  • Wii (2008)
  • DS (2010)
  • Wii – Monopoly Streets (2010)
  • Wii – Collection (2012)
  • Switch (2017)

Monopoly Cash Grab (2017)

Monopoly Cash Grab consists of a ‘gun’ filled with M100 notes and 25 chance cards.

The spinner indicates which player will blast money first. That person activates the trigger, and everyone else must attempt to grab as much money and/or chance cards.

Play rotates to the right until the gun is empty. The player at the end of the game with the most money is the winner.

The notes and Chance cards were created specifically for Cash Grab.

Time Exclusive Releases – Token Madness & Championship etc

  • Millennium 2000 (1999)

  • Championship (2009)

Released in advance of the Monopoly Championship held in 2009

  • Golden Token Bonus (2012)

All the tokens have been given a new gold colour, the traditional eight, in addition to the candidates for introduction.

In a poll held in 2013, members of the public were given the task to choose their favourite token from the standard selection and from the new five (a ring, a robot, a cat, a guitar and a helicopter). The loser in the first ballot was the iron, which was soon replaced by the cat. A similar contest was held again in early 2017.

  • Token Madness (2017)

Features eight tokens from the 2017 poll. Unlike Signature Token, this had a global release.

  • Signature Token [DE] (2017)

In 2017, Hasbro held an online poll to decide which 8 tokens should be included in a standard set of Monopoly. In this poll, 64 tokens were offered – the original 8 and 56 newly designed tokens. This edition provides all 64 tokens that were offered in the poll – in addition to a very Deluxe style inside with a new board, money, houses etc.

Ultimately, the T-Rex, Penguin and Rubber Duck were voted in, with the Thimble, Boot and Wheelbarrow retired from the game. This edition was never released in the UK.

Monopoly Gamer (2017+)

Monopoly Gamer is a mixture of the mechanics of Monopoly with elements of the Mario Universe. Some have described Gamer as a tabletop version of the Mario Party franchise.

The game ends once Go has been passed 8 times. Each pass of Go turns over a traditional Mario boss to fight. The winner is the player with the most points. Points can be earned by trading 5 coins, buying properties or defeating bosses.

When purchasing Monopoly Gamer, you get 4 characters. Each have a unique ability. The game can be expanded by purchasing additional characters in ‘Power Packs’

  • Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart

The core mechanics remain the same as Gamer. Properties are instead race tracks from Mario Kart 8. Instead of boss fights, players roll to see who wins a ‘race’, with the highest roller taking the card.

The power-up die also has new abilities.

Gamer Overwatch (2019)

Photographed: German Edition

Monopoly Deal – Themed

  • Deal Transformers (2016) [HK]
  • Deal Cities – London (2017)

Three editions were made by Cartamundi in 2017 – the last year of their production of Monopoly Deal. These editions include: London, Paris and Berlin. I have never seen a Paris or Berlin edition for sale. However, this collection includes Monopoly Deal London – which appeared to be an Amazon exclusive.

  • Deal DFB – Die Mannschaft (2018) [DE]

2008 – : Monopoly Deal (card game)

Monopoly Deal is a card game produced by Hasbro (Cartamundi between 2014 and 2017). The aim of the game is to collect 3 different complete colour Property sets.

How to play Monopoly Deal:

To start the game, every player takes five cards.

On your turn, you draw 2 cards and can play up to three cards from your hand. A turn can consist of adding money to your bank, adding properties to your collection or playing an Action card. You may only have 7 cards at the end of your turn – if you have an extra, you must discard down to seven.

All cards can function as cash if added to the bank. You may only ever pay debt with cards in front of you – never from your hand! There is no change allowed in the game. If you owe more money than is in your bank, you must complete the debt with properties. Otherwise, there is no trading allowed, apart from what is mandated by Action cards.

To win, collect three different property sets. All Action cards have instructions printed on them.

2008 – Original Release

2009 – Monopoly Deal Cracker Set

Copyright: 2009

More information is requested about this version.

A reduced size version of a standard 2008 deck of Monopoly Deal. Also photographed is three keyrings and three money clips that would have been ‘rewards’ in the crackers.

See the 6 cracker set sales page here

Also included in this collection: Six Crackers + Mini Board Game

2014 – Morrisons Promotional Pack (Cartamundi)

In 2014, Cartamundi held the license to produce card game versions of Hasbro products. Condensed versions of these games were available for a short time at Morrisons. Customers who spent a certain amount (£20?) were given one of these games for free – Monopoly Deal was once of these.

This version has less cards than the regular Monopoly Deal. To win, one must complete only two colour property sets. Six colour groups survive – Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow, Dark Blue & Utilities. The number of Action Cards is also reduced. Although, there is a new type of Action Card – the Forced Purchase. This forces a player to sell a property at twice the purchase price.

2014 – 2017: Cartamundi Shuffle (Hard Red Case)

Cartamundi released hard case versions of Hasbro games – including Monopoly Deal. The game is otherwise identical. However, a companion app was released, which adds Chance Cards to the base game. This edition is now Out of Print with the app no longer available to download – making this game sell for over £30 online. In 2017, it was republished with a new cardboard sleeve – game remains the same.

2017 – 2024: Return to Hasbro

This is the current version of Monopoly Deal, which is still available in shops and online. The game is identical to previous releases albeit with a return to the cardboard packet. The cards also has a completely new art style.

  • 2021 reprint

Game remains unchanged – production code now 0421 (April 2021) implying there was a change during the reprint. The only difference appears to be a change in Hasbro UK address on reverse of box. Now located in Newport.

2024 + : Current Edition (Refresh)

Read more about this edition and its remarkable error here.

Misprinted Bow Street card – Pall Bow Street