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Tag: Electronic Banking

Electronic Banking & Zapped

  • Zapped (2012)

Monopoly Zapped requires an iPad to work. It acts like the bank.

Randomly throughout the game, a player could receive a mini-game to take part in. Depending on how the player does, a prize may be given.

The playing pieces have been given a more futuristic look. The houses and hotels are now translucent green and red, respectively. Also, the tokens are strips of transparent plastic with a coloured engraving of the traditional token.

  • Electronic Banking (2013)
  • Electronic Banking – 80th Anniversary Edition (2015)
  • Zapped [USA] (2012)

Monopoly Here & Now

Monopoly Here & Now was released just over 70 years since the first official Monopoly was sold. Monopoly Here & Now looks at how a board may look now if the game was invented in the 21st Century. All properties have been changed, picked via an online poll. Prices have been multiplied by 10,000 to represent inflation and the rising house prices. Moreover, a new selection of eight tokens were created for these editions.

  • Limited Edition (Original) (2006)
  • Electronic Banking (2006)

Cash has been replaced by an Electronic Banking Unit.

  • Here & Now Electronic Banking Tin (2006)
  • The World Edition (2008)

Also uses an Electronic Banking Unit.