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Tag: 2020

Monopoly Jigsaw / Puzzle

  • Puzz 3D (1998) [USA]

The puzzle consists of over 750 foam pieces which come together to form a board and other accessories such as a banker’s tray and jail cell. Also included is a complete set of Monopoly pieces. Once constructed, a fully working USA Monopoly set is formed.

  • London (2020)

1000 pieces; 530 x 530 mm

  • Edinburgh (2020)

1000 pieces; 530 x 530 mm

  • Harrogate (2020)

1000 pieces; 530 x 530 mm

  • The Lakes (2020)

1000 pieces; 530 x 530 mm

  • Puzzle (2021)

50 pieces; 150 x 210 mm

2021 – 300 Piece Puzzle

360 x 490 mm

2022 – Spinmaster 1000 Pieces

Monopoly For Sore Losers (2020)

Players collect ‘Sore Loser’ coins whenever they have to perform an unpopular action – such as paying rent, paying tax or landing on your own property.

When a player has 4 coins, they can return them to the bank to become Mr Monopoly. As Mr Monopoly, the rules are different. Instead of paying rent, you take the money from the owner. Landing on the same square as another player will trap them – taking a property from them and preventing them from moving next turn. This power lasts until someone else cashes in 4 coins. The game ends when everyone returns to Go after all properties have been purchases, or if everyone else is bankrupt. The player with the highest value of assets wins.