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Time Exclusive Releases – Token Madness & Championship etc

  • Millennium 2000 (1999)

  • Championship (2009)

Released in advance of the Monopoly Championship held in 2009

  • Golden Token Bonus (2012)

All the tokens have been given a new gold colour, the traditional eight, in addition to the candidates for introduction.

In a poll held in 2013, members of the public were given the task to choose their favourite token from the standard selection and from the new five (a ring, a robot, a cat, a guitar and a helicopter). The loser in the first ballot was the iron, which was soon replaced by the cat. A similar contest was held again in early 2017.

  • Token Madness (2017)

Features eight tokens from the 2017 poll. Unlike Signature Token, this had a global release.

  • Signature Token [DE] (2017)

In 2017, Hasbro held an online poll to decide which 8 tokens should be included in a standard set of Monopoly. In this poll, 64 tokens were offered – the original 8 and 56 newly designed tokens. This edition provides all 64 tokens that were offered in the poll – in addition to a very Deluxe style inside with a new board, money, houses etc.

Ultimately, the T-Rex, Penguin and Rubber Duck were voted in, with the Thimble, Boot and Wheelbarrow retired from the game. This edition was never released in the UK.

Monopoly Empire (2013+)

Monopoly Empire was the first of Hasbro’s major attempt to make Monopoly more accessible for a generation with less time. Its main theme is business. Players attempt to build their empire by purchasing different brands. The larger the brand, the larger the title deed is.

The winner is the first player to fill their tower to the top.

A new mechanic is added – the ‘Sneaky Swapper’. Roll one of these on your die and you may swap your latest purchase for another player’s property!


After the success of the original Empire, a new version was published in 2014. The main change was the addition of 6 different tokens (see Figure 2, from the top): A Happy Meal, an Angry Bird, headphones, a Coca-Cola bottle, an Xbox controller and a car.

Also, jetBlue was removed as a property and replaced with Angry Birds and the main colour theme was changed from yellow/black to blue.

New additions

2015 – Includes NEW Brands & Tokens

Includes two new Empire cards – as well as new Brands & Tokens

2016 – Vault Giveaway

Identical to 2015 edition

Romania (2014)

Empire (2013 – 2016)